ICUEE Trade Show 2013

Checkers will be exhibiting at the ICUEE Trade Show 2013 in Louisville, KY on Oct 1st – 3rd.  Come stop by our booth #2004 while you are there.  Checkers will be at ICUEE Trade Show 2013Here is what you can expect to see:

  • LINEBACKER®Heavy Duty Cable Protectors, YELLOWJACKET® Heavy Duty Cable Protectors, GUARD DOG® General Purpose Cable Protectors, FASTLANE® Lightweight Drop-Over Cable Protectors, and DIAMONDBACK® hose bridge systems.
  • MONSTER®Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks that provide a safe chocking solution for all types of vehicles.
  • GORILLA®Warning Whips.
  • Checkers Strobe Lights featuring our new LED strobe.
  • Checkers Premium Barricade Lights.
  • Checkers New LED Flare Kit.

We can’t wait to catch you up on all of the latest and greatest things we’ve been working on here at Checkers.  The ICUEE Show is a must for Utility industry professionals.

Wheel Chock Instructional Video and Safety

This wheel chock instructional video is the first of many instructional videos from the long awaited Checkers University Educational Series.

The informative how-to video is focused on; demonstrating proper chocking techniques, in-depth explanation of the wheel chock reference guide, and why safety is an investment, not a cost.

View the Video

Watch our Wheel Chock Instructional Video!Educating employees on the correct ways to chock any vehicle will save your company millions in litigation of both nonfatal and fatal cases. “There is no monetary value to put on a life”, exclaims Ray Torres, President and, CEO of Checkers Industrial Safety Products. Not only will the lives of your employees be better protected, but so will the equipment they use. Jesica Bailey, Product Manager for Checkers, says “Dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets, is our company motto and the reason why we strive to provide the highest quality product at the best possible price”. These videos were produced to help educate the wide variety of Checkers clients they serve.

About Checkers Industrial Safety Products, LLC

Began in 1987 with a simple vision: to be a dynamic and growing organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets by delivering innovative safety products. That vision still drives Checkers today. Product offerings include cable and hose protection systems, wheel chocks, warning whips, warning lights and more.

Checkers® Partners with Eastsea to Act as Exclusive Distributor of Rubber Cable Protectors in North America

Checkers Industrial Safety Products announced today that they have entered into an exclusive partnership with Eastsea Rubber Co. Ltd. (also trading under Bestsea Technology) in China to manufacture and distribute a line of rubber cable protectors. After conducting extensive research with multiple manufacturers, Checkers selected Eastsea because of their high-quality standards and production capabilities. The rubber cable protectors produced by Eastsea will include a number of Checkers’ patented features, such as connectors, distinctive color combinations, and a five bar tread pattern, that have made Checkers the preferred provider of cable protection systems in a wide array of industries worldwide.

Like many of Checkers popular urethane models, these new rubber cable protectors will be offered with a hinged lid, multiple channels in each protector, and built-in connectors that allow users to extend a run of cable protectors to any desired length. By adding these “economy-priced” models, Checkers has accomplished its goal of offering a complete line of cable protection products for customers at any price level.

“We realized the best channel to market our products in North America would be by working in partnership with Checkers,” said Jan Wu, owner of Eastsea Rubber. He went on to say, “With support from Checkers in quality control, technical guidance and intellectual property, I believe this will be a great opportunity for Eastsea Rubber to experience healthy growth. We looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with Checkers.”

Checkers has invested extensive resources in developing their cable protectors and solidifying their intellectual property rights. Having recently identified a number of Asian companies who are competing unfairly by selling “knock-offs” of their proprietary products, Checkers has taken legal action to vigorously defend against potential infringement. According to Ray Torres, Checkers President, and CEO, “We are in active discussions with the manufacturers we believe are infringing on our technology. Checkers is taking this step to support our distributors in selling value-added, differentiated cable management systems and industrial safety solutions.” He continued to say, “We selected Eastsea because they share our common values of producing the highest quality products and dealing with integrity at every level.”

The safety of people and property is the number one priority at Checkers. Their Yellow Jacket brand pioneered the cable protector industry with the debut of the first 5-channel model at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics. Checkers now manufactures the industry’s six most popular brands and has become the world’s most trusted manufacturer of cable and hose protection systems. Checkers attributes its success to innovation, investing in intellectual property, and offering the broadest product lines globally. They remain committed and focused on educating industries to view safety as an investment and not a cost.

The Benefits of Using Polyurethane Aviation Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are a very important component in aviation safety. When purchasing aviation wheel chocks, two of the material choices available are wood and polyurethane. While wood wheel chocks were the first aviation chocks designed and they are still in use in many locations, upgrading to polyurethane wheel chocks is a smart choice for a number of reasons.

One of the most important reasons for using polyurethane wheel chocks is safety.

Choosing a polyurethane product that is more structurally sound is far more important than saving a little money upfront on lower priced wood models, because it will eventually cost more in the long run. AtCheckers Industrial Safety Products, we see safety as an investment and not a cost, which is why we have become one of the largest manufacturers of quality wheel chocks in the world.

The major advantages to choosing polyurethane aviation wheel chocks over those made from wood include:

  • Polyurethane wheel chocks outperform and hold up better than wood wheel chocks.
  • While their initial cost is higher than wood, polyurethane wheel chocks are a much better value in the long term.
  • Polyurethane aviation wheel chocks are tested and approved for military use.
  • Unlike wood, polyurethane wheel chocks are resistant to fuels, oils, and lubricants.
  • Polyurethane wheel chocks require no maintenance or painting (wood chocks require regular painting).
  • Wood wheel chocks can crack, splinter, and rot, which can result in foreign object damage to aircraft and injury to personnel.
  • Wood wheel chocks exposed to wet conditions soak up water, which makes them heavy and hard to handle.
  • The structural integrity of wood wheel chocks can be compromised as a result of warping, rotting, or cracking. None of these are an issue with polyurethane wheel chocks.
  • The rope knot hole, rope exit hole and horizontal rope slots have a smooth radius edge that improves handling and eliminates sharp edges that could cut the user or abrade the rope.

Case Study: 121st Air Refueling Wing, Ohio National Guard:


Aviation Wheel Chocks: A short and long term cost comparison

The upfront cost of purchasing polyurethane aviation wheel chocks is approximately 2 to 2.5 times higher than the cost of wood chocks. While this is a sizable difference in the initial expense, wood wheel chocks actually end up costing much more when evaluated over the long term. Evidence of this fact was made apparent by one of our military customers at the Ohio Air National Guard who recently revealed, “We originally projected a 10-year time frame to realize a cost savings. At this time we will realize a cost savings on the initial purchase by the end of the fourth year.”

Costs Associated with Maintaining and Replacing Wood Wheel Chocks Maintaining wood chocks requires sanding and repainting on a regular basis. Costs associated with this maintenance include the purchase of sandpaper, paint, and supplies. In addition, the man-hours required to inspect, maintain, dispose of, and order replacement chocks is significant.

The 121st Air Refueling Wing (ARW) of the Ohio National Guard used both wood and polyurethane aviation wheel chocks side-by-side for ten years. The following statement quantitatively defines the conclusion they reached at the end of their evaluation:

“In summary, the 121st ARW spent a total of $25,715.24 to purchase, replace, and maintain their wood aviation wheel chocks in one decade. 121st ARW could have saved 26.7% or $6,879.05 by purchasing Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks.”

Maintaining Polyurethane Wheel Chocks

When using polyurethane chocks, maintenance costs are virtually eliminated.

  • Polyurethane wheel chocks are engineered to stand up to heavy use and extreme weather conditions.
  • They are mold-resistant, and will not chip, splinter, or crack.
  • Their structural integrity is not affected by aircraft fluids, solvents, and oils.
  • Using polyurethane chocks requires no painting – the color is molded directly in to the chock.

Performance and Functionality


With military aircraft being mostly kept outside, it is imperative that equipment such as wheel chocks have the durability to hold up under extreme climate and working conditions. Polyurethane aviation wheel chocks are engineered to perform in all conditions – from freezing, sub-zero arctic temperatures to the intense, oppressive heat of the desert.

Wood wheel chocks can easily freeze to ramps, while polyurethane wheel chocks will not freeze or slip. Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks are available with optional anti-slip rubber bases for use on polished hangar floors and other locations where additional traction is needed.

Effects of Water on Wheel Chocks

When exposed to wet conditions, wood wheel chocks will absorb water and get much heavier. In fact, the weight of a waterlogged wheel chock will increase by as much as 70% . This added weight makes them much harder to lift and maneuver into position under a tire. In comparison, polyurethane wheel chocks are water-resistant and maintain their lighter weight and maneuverability in all weather conditions.

MSgt. Aaron Woodring of the Ohio National Guard recently put Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks to the test and reported, “I placed 40 of the wood chocks on the flight line at the same time as the polyurethane chocks. The wood chocks have been replaced twice and are in need of replacement now. The wood chocks become waterlogged and freeze to the ramp during extreme cold weather and are very heavy to move at other times. In the hangar where aircraft are washed, the wood chocks are replaced every six months due to the extreme weight from being waterlogged.”

High Visibility

Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks feature a high-visibility yellow color that is molded directly in to the chock and never needs painting. The color can be customized and imprinted with a company logo as well.

Safety Issues

Structural Integrity

The tendency of wood wheel chocks to warp, rot, crack, chip and splinter over time poses a significant safety risk for personnel and equipment. A rotted or cracked wood chock can damage expensive aircraft tires. Additionally, cracks or rot on wood chocks can reduce structural stability and pose a potential hazard to personnel and equipment. Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks are specifically engineered to be highly durable and will not warp, rot, crack, or splinter.

Foreign Object Damage

Wood aviation wheel chocks can easily splinter and crack. When this happens, it not only poses a safety risk to personnel, but can also result in foreign object damage (FOD) to expensive aircraft engines. Polyurethane wheel chocks effectively eliminate the risk of foreign object damage because they will not splinter or crack.

Military Use

Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks have been independently-tested and approved by the United States Military for use on military aircraft. Checkers was selected from 34 applicants by the United States Air Force for a two
year Small Business Innovative Research Project (SBIR) to develop, design and manufacture an improved wheel chock to replace the current wood chock.

This work was completed as a joint project with the Air Force Engineering Support Activity (ESA) responsible for the management of aviation wheel chocks, for both aircraft and ground support equipment. Checkers engineers provided the material and design expertise and partnered with Air Force engineers and active duty fight personnel to perform a rigorous array of performance tests. Checkers aviation wheel chocks met all the rigid requirements and were qualified for use by Air Force personnel.

For added safety, ANSI-compliant user guidelines are molded into each chock.

Commercial and Personal Use

Checkers makes polyurethane wheel chocks that are ideal for commercial, cargo, business and private aircraft use. Various sizes are available for use on small, mid-sized, large, and over sized aircraft.


Why Trust Checkers Industrial Safety Products?

Checkers manufactures durable polyurethane wheel chocks that stand up to the harshest conditions on the planet. They are specifically designed to perform in extremely wet, cold, and hot climates, and they offer significant advantages over traditional wood chocks. Not only do they stand up to everyday wear and tear better than wood chocks, they are also less expensive in the long run.

Choosing Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks over wood is a cost-effective solution that should be seen as an investment in safety rather than a cost. While the initial capital outlay will be higher, within a few short years these wheel chocks will end up saving you money. Checkers continually strives to provide the highest quality safety
products to customers throughout the world, making them a trusted and respected leader in the safety industry.

Checkers Introduces Grip Guard ® – the World’s Lightest 5-Channel Cable Protector

Checkers Industrial Safety Products announced the immediate availability of their new lightweight Grip Guard ® 5-Channel Cable Protectors with patent-pending Gripper® Connectors. At an easy-to-handle weight of only 12.75 lbs, Grip Guard ® is up to 60% lighter than other polyurethane 5-channel cable protectors, and up to 75% lighter than the rubber 5-channel cable protectors without compromising strength or durability. This lightweight design makes Grip Guard® ideal for public entertainment events, light commercial and utility applications.

One of the unique features of Grip Guard ® is its Gripper® Connectors, which are ergonomically designed to fit your hand. This allows for easier transport and placement of cable protectors at job sites. Gripper® Connectors create a modular system that allows users to easily lock multiple cable protectors together for any desired length.

“This lightweight design makes setting up a run of cable protectors a lot easier for workers,” said Jesica Bailey, Product Manager and employed by Checkers Industrial Safety Products for nearly 8 years. According to Bailey, “There are many applications where cable protection is needed but the traffic does not require the use of a heavy duty protector. Grip Guard® is a perfect solution that expedites setup and provides a safe crossing for pedestrians and vehicles while protecting cables.”

Additional features of Grip Guard® Cable Protectors include a Snap Fitâ„¢ hinged lid, five individual channels for cables and hoses up to 1.25″ outside diameter, a patented 5-Bar tread pattern for maximum traction, and a recessed carrying handle. Grip Guard® Cable Protectors are made from maintenance free, high impact absorbing, non-conductive polyurethane that is resistant to oil, fuels, and lubricants.

The safety of people and property is the number one priority at Checkers. The Yellow Jacket brand pioneered the cable protector industry with the debut of the first 5-channel model at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics. Checkers now manufactures the industry’s six most popular brands and has grown to become the world’s most trusted manufacturer of cable and hose protection systems.

National Safety Council Congress Expo 2013

Checkers will be exhibiting at the National Safety Council Congress Expo 2013.  This will take place September 30th to October 2nd at McCormick Place in Chicago.National Safety Council Congress Expo 2013 Make sure to come and visit with us at the show in booth #1825, where a wide range of our products will be on display.  Here is what you can expect to see:

Checkers industry leading cable/hose management systems that provide a safe crossing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic while protecting valuable electrical cables and hoses from damage in extreme weather conditions and work environments.  Included will be LINEBACKER® Heavy Duty Cable Protectors, YELLOWJACKET® Heavy Duty Cable Protectors, GUARD DOG® General Purpose Cable Protectors, FASTLANE® Lightweight Drop-Over Cable Protectors, and DIAMONDBACK® hose bridge systems.  We will also showcase MONSTER® Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks that provide a safe chocking solution for all types of vehicles, GORILLA® Warning Whips, Strobe Lights and Barricade Lights.

The NSC Congress & Expo is the world’s largest annual “must attend” event for safety, health and environmental professionals, designed to build awareness of the tools available to you and your organization as you continue down the path to safety excellence.