LDI 2013

Checkers Industrial Safety Products will be exhibiting at the LDI 2013 show on November 22nd – 24th in Las Vegas, NV. LDI is well known in the entertainment industry to have the top exhibitors in the business, so make sure to stop by booth #745 (view map). We will be offering exhibitors and members special show exclusive discounts on our most popular products! Look for our 30 ft. tall tower where a wide range of our cable protection products will be on display. Checkers Industrial Safety Products has the perfect cable protector to manage a variety of cables for your entertainment needs.  Here is what you can expect to see:

  • New Yellow Jacket®and Guard Dog®5 channel cable protectors with built in ADA ramps that connect to standard Yellow Jacket®and Guard Dog®5 channel models.
  • The Grip Guard®, Checkers’ newest line of cable protectors, is the world’s lightest 5 and 3 channel cable protectors.
  • Fastlane®lightweight drop -over cable protectors.
  • Guard Dog®Low Profile cable protectors are the most compact top-loading cable protectors on the market.
  • Wide range of Yellow Jacket®and Guard Dog®cable protector products.

Checkers offers the most extensive line of cable protection products in the world that provide a safe passage for pedestrian & vehicle traffic while protecting valuable electrical cables from damage.  Come see all that we have to offer at LDI 2013!

A+A International Trade Fair with Congress

A+A International Trade Fair with Congress is world renowned for safety, security, health at work, fire protection, disaster management, and corporate fashion. A+A International Trade Fair with CongressThe trade fair took place in Düsseldorf during the beginning of November. Visit this link to read more on the A+A trade fair that Checkers attended. A+A was an ideal show for Checkers Industrial Safety Product to support their international distributors and to introduce a few new products that recently premiered in the United States.  Checkers has been hard at work expanding their product offerings. They have become a master distributor partner with other companies that share their same passion for workplace safety. In addition to showcasing the world’s most popular line of cable protectors, such as the Guard Dog cable protector, the Grip Guard cable protector, the Yellow Jacket cable protector, and the Linebacker cable protector, Checkers also displayed wheel chocks. Checkers introduced the LED Flare Kit, new floor matting system, and the latest patent pending strobe lights. Below are product information flyers of each to download for FREE. Please call (888) 912-4727 or email

Below are product information flyers of each to download for FREE. Please call (888) 912-4727 or email sales@checkersindustrial.com for price quotes and product questions.

Download Free Product Flyers!

LED Flare Kit (PDF)

Floor Matting (PDF)

2250 Strobe (PDF Comming Soon)