Checkers is now a STAFDA Member

Checkers Industrial Safety Products is now a STAFDA member (Specialty Tools and Fasteners Association), an organization dedicated to promoting the advancement of manufacturers and distributors internationally. Since 1976, STAFDA has expanded its services from a simple platform of business interaction to an establishment of advisory boards who enhance the success of members through seminars, educational programs, and innovative solutions.

Each year, STAFDA holds an annual Conference and Trade Show. This year, the conference will be held in Phoenix, AZ on November 8-10. Due to time constraints, Checkers Industrial will not be an exhibitor for this upcoming show.

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Checkers Industrial Safety Products Acquires Market Leader Terraplas

Checkers has acquired Terraplas.

Checkers Industrial Products, LLC has acquired Terraplas, the industry’s world leader in high-end turf protection. “The exciting acquisition of this world-leading business, not only continues the growth of our ground protection category, allowing us to enter new markets, it also brings their highly experienced international team to the Checkers family,” said Checkers’ President Ray Torres.
Checkers acquires Terraplas
This addition to the Checkers portfolio opens up entirely new markets to the group. The Terraplas range of products includes drivable, outdoor natural grass, outdoor synthetic field, and indoor synthetic field protection systems. These product lines align with Checkers’ ground protection product category, along with other Checkers acquisitions, AlturnaMATS, Zigma Ground Solutions, and SVE Portable Roadways from earlier this year.

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Take action now: Protect your assets during hurricane and flood season with Checkers Industrial Safety Products

With every hurricane, storm, and severe weather warning, the best method of risk assessment is to be PREPARED. According to the National Hurricane Center, storm trackers on land cannot predict oncoming storms well enough to warn people and businesses of what may come. Without close caution, the economic expense for businesses and cities become extraordinarily high as more communities deal with clean up and loss of property.

Checkers Industrial Safety Products can help provide an effective approach to securing both personal and commercial assets. In addition, the capability of our heavy duty products can supply communities with the innovative tools before a storm hits and after, assisting in the cleanup.

Our ground protection products are comprehensive tools for natural disasters like Hurricane Joaquin:

Ground Protection Mats

  • Provides stable driving/walking surface
  • Allows vehicles to access and navigate muddy, normally inaccessible areas
  • Minimizes vehicle impact on ground and environment

Cable & Hose Protection

  • Variety of styles and sizes to choose fromHurricane Blog Post Pic
  • Fast setup and transport
  • Durable polyurethane construction
  • For pedestrian traffic and work vehicles
  • High load-bearing capacity

Wheel Chocks

  • Designed for a variety of applications
  • Lightweight urethane construction
  • Ideal for trucks, trailers, emergency service, and utility vehicles

HEAVY DUTY Wheel Chocks

  • Perfect for industrial applications
  • Aluminum cleats or rubber pads on bottom
  • Ideal for heavy equipment, trucks, and firefighting vehicles

Industrial Lights

  • 30% more light output than competing brands
  • Built with heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polycarbonate and polypropylene for extreme conditions
  • Available in both electrical powered and solar powered models

Checkers is currently giving priority orders servicing relief efforts. Don’t wait until disaster strikes!

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