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Monster Sequential Barricade Lights Crush the Competition

Monster Sequential Barricade Lights Crush the Competition

Finding the best of anything can be a long and arduous process, full of research and study. Fortunately, sequential lights are a fairly new technology so the market is unsaturated and easy to sort through. Finding the best sequential barricade lights doesn’t need to be a difficult process because we are here to help, with the handy chart seen below, comparing Monster sequential warning signals to two other competitors:

  • Flash Patterns
  • Number of Patterns
  • Battery Life
  • Max Distance
  • Sixty pulses per minute
  • Five
  • 5 months
  • 100 meters
  • Sixty pulses per minute
  • One
  • 2.5 months
  • 2 meters
  • Sixty pulses per minute
  • One
  • 24 hours
  • 10 meters

Flash Rate

The flash rate is a fairly even playing field. All sequential lights on the market have the capability to emit sixty flashes per minute or one flash per second. This is important as it allows the lights to display the sequential, “guiding,” pattern that makes them unique traffic control solutions.

Number of Patterns

Monster sequential lights are the clear winner in this category, offering five distinct patterns for different applications. Faster patterns can be used to create a “Funnel Effect,” as seen in this video. Slower patterns, on the other hand, are great for indicating lane closures and road work.

Battery Life

Another great category for Monster sequential warning signals. Our signals are built with patented radio mesh networks, as opposed to our competitors who use infrared technology to link their devices. Extended battery life is just one of the advantages that this innovative technology offers.

Maximum Distance Between Lights

Monster sequential signals function properly with up to 100 meters between units, another advantage of our patented radio technology. This allows you to spread your lights out over a wider area, a long stretch of construction, for example. Therefore, the practical advantage is that you need fewer lights to cover a construction zone. This, of course, saves you money and setup time.

With the numerous advantages that Monster sequential barricade lights provide, it’s easy to see why they are the industry leader and the best sequential barricade lights on the market. To read more and get a quote for these fantastic products, click here. To download the brochure, click here.

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