Checkers™ Website Ushers in a New Era

We’re pleased to have the newly updated and redesigned Checkers website launched. This site, in-line with the new branding design, merges Checkers’ three power brands into a single site. The goal of this renewed site is not only to update the branding, but to create a more valuable resource for our customers and team.

So, what’s changed and what should you expect in the coming days?

This new content replaces what was on On the now-live site you will notice a few significant improvements.

  • The site has an improved, brighter look that is more inviting and engaging to the user.
  • All Checkers’ products are available on this single site. The Linebacker, Monster, and TuffTrak products are now branded exclusively as Checkers products. Only heavy-duty matting will retain the TuffTrak name.
  • The product organization has been improved, reducing the number of clicks to reach a product.
  • All literature has been rebranded with the new Checkers brand.
  • All Checkers products are now able to be quoted from a single quote form. No more visiting different websites to quote different products.
  • Each product page now has all specification data in table form that is easier to read and can be copied for easy sharing.
  • Beginning now, customers can be directed to for all product information.

What Should You Expect? Some changes could not happen until the updated site was live.

  • In the coming days we will begin the process of pulling down and These URL addresses will automatically redirect to
  • SEO (search engine optimization) and online marketing will be changed, directing to the updated site.

Customers and general visitors will be able to easily navigate the website in a way that visitors to the old site couldn’t. Every product page is tailored to be accessible and knowledgeable. With that said, we want to continually strive to be better. We look forward to making many new improvements and sharing them with you.

This is an accumulation of all Checkers proud family products. It portrays the hard work and community of this company, while also representing Checkers next large leap forward as part of Justrite.

This website represents an ushering in of a new chapter of Checkers legacy. We hope you enjoy the new site!

Firefly Cable Protectors incredible product testing results

Checkers constantly tests its products to insure they remain the industry’s standard. Recently Firefly Cable Protectors were the recent product to undergo testing at our facility.

After testing, we have found the Firefly cable protectors with red LEDs battery length to be at an astonishing 420 hours, a little over 17 days nonstop. This is great news!

Firefly Cable Protectors are relied on to remain visible in low visibility situations. With the incredibly long battery length, Firefly’s LED lights is one less thing to worry about at your venue and events.

Firefly allows cable to run in dark spaces, while not forfeiting sturdiness. Over 20,000 pounds can be rolled over without damaging the protector or its LED housing. Easily visible LED blue or red lights run across the frame of all Firefly cable protectors. Even with lights turned off, all lids come in a high-visibility color pattern, with lid choices of Green, Blue, Orange, and Yellow.

With dog-bone style connectors, Firefly can lock into place with some of our other non-lighted cable protectors, allowing Firefly to adhere and fit in any venue and any weather thanks to its solid polyurethane construction.

Firefly can help ensure your next event goes on without a hitch and has some added style.

You can view Firefly Cable Protectors through this link.

Justrite Safety Group and Checkers Industrial Products Sign a Definitive Merger Agreement

Justrite Safety Group (Justrite®) and Checkers Industrial Products (Checkers), both portfolio companies of Audax Private Equity (Audax) have entered into a Definitive Merger Agreement. The merger of Justrite and Checkers creates a leading manufacturer of industrial safety products. The merger is anticipated to be completed and closed by the end of January 2018.


Since 1906, Justrite has provided products for the safe management of flammable liquids, and other hazardous materials. Today their products include safety cabinets and large outdoor storage buildings, safety vessels and containers for laboratory and industrial applications, spill containment, safety showers and eye/face wash, and other products that all help industrial customers maintain safe practices. Long recognized as a vital part of environmental, health, and safety programs, Justrite products are available worldwide. For more information, visit the Justrite website,


Founded in 1987, Checkers is a leading provider of branded industrial safety products dedicated to vehicular safety, asset protection, and workplace safety. Today their products include wheel chocks, warning whips, cable management systems, ergonomic anti-fatigue and entrance matting, and temporary access mats and ground protection solutions through their four power brands of Monster™, Linebacker®, Notrax®, and TuffTrak®. For more information, visit the Checkers website,


Since its founding in 1999, Audax Private Equity has been focused on building leading middle market companies. Audax has invested $4.5 billion in 112 platform and 640 add-on companies. Through its disciplined Buy & Build approach, Audax seeks to help platform companies execute add-on acquisitions that fuel revenue growth, optimize operations, and significantly increase equity value. Audax Private Equity is an integral part of Audax Group®, an alternative asset management firm specializing in investments in middle market companies. With offices in Boston, New York, and San Francisco, Audax Group has over $11.5 billion in assets under management across its Private Equity, Mezzanine, and Senior Debt businesses. For more information, visit the Audax Group website,

Contact Justrite at

Checkers’ Haiti Mission 2017

Our annual Haiti mission is approaching once again

Checkers' Haiti Mission in partnership with COCINAEvery year, Checkers partners with COCINA, the Coalition of Children in Need Association, for a Haiti mission to send a team of Checkers employees for a week of volunteering. This amazing opportunity allows the Checkers team to expand our perspectives while honoring our core values and reaffirming our commitment to the global community. However, we can’t do it alone. We are currently accepting donations for this wonderful cause, and we hope you will consider giving.

The trips in the past two years have been deeply fulfilling experiences and we expect this year to be no different. The volunteering team will consist of employees from all levels of the company and will engage in a variety of outreach efforts to help Institute Univers, a Haitian school in Ouanaminthe, and the local community. Included in these efforts will be the assembly and distribution of water filtration systems, the construction of a wall around the school (for the security and safety of the students), repainting areas of the school, and teaching basic English lessons to the students.

Honoring our core values

Checkers is committed to a set of values, including people, integrity, learning, laughter, accountability, respect, and safety. We honor the values of people, learning, and laughter with our mission trip. Hoping that our team learns as much from the wonderful Haitian children as they learn from us, and by laughing with them, it will help us all grow as people. And of course, we hope that bonds grow between the team, leading to a better understanding of each other outside of our roles within the company.

Dedicated to the global community

We here at Checkers believe that our community is global in scope, a belief that has only been cemented by our transformation from the United States-focused Checkers Industrial Safety Products to the globally-focused Checkers Safety Group. It is important now more than ever to remember our place within the greater global community and today, we’d like to invite you to start your week on a positive note: by donating to our volunteer efforts and helping those in need. We are raising money to help Insitute Univers and the Ounaminthe community and we need all the help we can get. The water pump we distribute costs $32 per unit and can last 10 years. For $32 you could change a Haitian family’s life.

Our Blog Recognized!

It’s always exciting to receive opportunities to spread our message of safety, and our friends at 2wayRadionline have given us this Checkers blog recognized as a top health and safety blogopportunity by recognizing this blog on their list of the Top 72 Health and Safety Blogs! 2wayRadionline, based in the UK, is a leading retailer of two-way radios and radio accessories. As our Monster Motion Safety team reminded us last week in this blog post, communication is critical to occupational safety, and two-way radios are an integral part of that communication.

Proud to be a thought leader

For our part, we are proud to have our blog recognized as a leading voice in the safety industry, and we look forward to continuing to serve a wide variety of industries with innovative, cutting edge safety solutions. When NoTrax joined the Checkers family last year, it allowed us to expand outside the industrial space where we have traditionally operated, to serve a more diverse range of industries, including janitorial & sanitation, and hospitality, a far cry from the mining industry where Checkers was born.

Great content from our brand blogs

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind loyal readers of the Checkers Blog to check out the web sites and blogs for our brands, NoTrax, TuffTrak, Monster, and Linebacker. Since we now offer such a broad spectrum of safety solutions, each site and blog speaks to different industries and products. Mining news and updates will be found on the Monster site, while NoTrax will feature stories that relate more to janitorial & sanitation, as well as the other many industries where our mats for professional use are utilized.

Questions about our products? Contact us:


Check Out Our New Checkers Catalog!

New Checkers CatalogWe are excited to announce that we have a new Checkers catalog for the 2016 year! Last year, Checkers grew exponentially, with AlturnaMATs, SVE, Zigma Ground Solutions, Firefly, GNR Technologies, Superior Manufacturing Group, and Terraplas all joining the Checkers family. As you can no doubt imagine, our catalog had to undergo substantial changes. Today, we’ll be going over some of those changes to help you find the solutions you need. To start out, you’ll see we’ve changed our color coding system. In last year’s catalog, we had a different color for nearly every product page. This year, we’ve streamlined the organization in the new Checkers catalog to make it easier than ever to find exactly what you need. Starting from the front, we have cable protectors indicated with an orange tab in the top corner of the page, wheel chocks are marked with blue, ground protection products are designated with green, purple marks our cribbing and composite lumber section, peach is for warning whips, light red indicates industrial signals, and last but not least, yellow marks our traffic and parking lot safety category. With so many new products, we needed to ensure each category was clearly marked for ease of access. Just like last year’s catalog, you’ll find the very important cable protector reference guide on page five. This handy table can compare the maximum diameter, load capacity, and number of channels for all of our cable protectors at simply a glance. It is a crucial tool for anyone looking to invest in a cable protection system. On the same note, our wheel chock reference guide, another important page, can be found on page 54. This chart works in the same fashion, allowing you to compare tire diameter and gross vehicle operating weight to find the chock that is perfect for your needs.

New products in the cable protection category include the Illuminated Firefly Cable Protector, seen on page 38. The built-in LED lights provide visibility in darkened areas, while the dog bone connectors allow the Firefly to be easily integrated with an existing Guard Dog or Yellow Jacket cable protection system. In the wheel chock category, you’ll find two new solutions on pages 60 and 61. The UC1210 is the most heavy duty of our UC Series Wheel Chocks, designed for payloads up to 70 tons, while the UCTS003 is our new lightweight general purpose chock, weighing just over 2.5 lbs.! The ground protection category is almost entirely new, featuring AlturnaMATs, VersaMATs, Trakmats, Mud-Traks, LibertyMats, and several varieties of TuffTraks from pages 68-79. Simply put, if you need ground protection, we have you covered. In the warning whip category, you’ll find our new Wing Whip, an innovative solution designed specifically to protect aircraft scimitars from damage. This exciting product can be found on page 115. In our traffic and parking lot safety category, you’ll see several new products from GNR Technologies, on pages 138 and 140. From Park-It car stops to Easy Rider speed bumps, the durable rubber construction of our parking lot solutions ensures that they will long outlast their concrete counterparts.

That was a brief overview of the additions to our new Checkers catalog, if you’d like a copy for yourself, the PDF can be found at this link. And as always, our friendly staff is standing by to answer any questions about our products.


Our Teams are Back from Haiti!

Our teams are back from Haiti!Our two Checkers teams are back from Haiti after a successful mission trip to Ouanaminthe! Based at Institution Univers, our teams helped build a concrete wall aroundIMG_1047 the school for security, assisted with repainting the windows, taught English classes, and installed Notrax® matting in the showers. The wall project was the most physically demanding, as we assisted Haitian stone masons move the dirt and gravel necessary for the foundation, and stack the cinder blocks. Fortunately, we had mandatory breaks whenever the children would come out for recess. The mobs of “les petits” Haiti 601(kindergartners) all eagerly shouting “Blanc! Blanc!” and craning their necks to examine our light skin, hair, tattoos, Haiti 482watches and cell phones made continuing work nearly impossible. That was for the best, however, as connecting with the people was a crucial part of our mission. Two Checkers core values are “people” and “laughter,” and as we laughed and bonded with these energetic children, we were shown a glimpse of the strength and resiliency of the Haitian people. Multiple times while working on the wall, small children would wander up, grab a shovel, and try to help. When classes began, we got a chance to connect with the children on an even deeper level, through teaching. Another one of our core values here at Checkers is “learning,” and we learned as much from the students as they learned from us. Their eagerness for knowledge and excitement for education was refreshing, and they all strive for ambitious goals. Future engineers and doctors fill the halls and classrooms of Institution Univers.

IMG_4815Possibly the most crucial component of our mission, however, was the distribution of Sawyer waterIMG_0516 bucket filtration systems. These exciting filters are able to keep water clean for up to seven years, with proper cleaning and care.  For those unfamiliar with Haiti, clean drinking water is one of the biggest problems facing the nation. According to the World Health Organization, diarrhea is the 4th leading cause of death for children under 5, accounting for 12% of all child deaths. Digestive problems caused by unclean water are pervasive across the country, making access to clean water absolutely IMG_0174imperative for these people to lead healthy lives. Aided by Institution Univers, we traveled throughout the countryside of northern Haiti, passing out bucket filtration systems to those in need. From the misty mountain town of Capotille to the warm roadside village of Savane-Carrie, we were able to help many Haitians, while they simultaneously helped us to understand our global community and our place within it. Our mission trip to Haiti brought our Checkers values to the forefront. As we learned and laughed, it gave us new perspectives on the wonderful people of Haiti. There are a lot of things that Haiti does not have, but despite the economic hardships, there is no shortage of strength, perseverance, and faith. And that is truly inspiring.


IMG_2402To learn more about COCINA, Institution Univers, and mission trips to Haiti,IMG_4847

click here.

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We’ve Got You Covered, Inside and Out

Last year, Superior Manufacturing Group and AlturnaMATS joined the Checkers family. SMG is recognized throughout the industry as the manufacturer of NoTrax®, the premier professional matting solution. AlturnaMATS® is an industry leader in the ground protection arena, manufacturing the AlturnaMAT® and the VersaMAT®, two products known for their quality and durability. By bringing these industry leaders into the Checkers family, we here at Checkers can ensure you that whether you need mats to protect the floors of your business, or the turf of a client, we have you covered.

Indoor MatsUptown/Boulevard – The entrance to your business can create a lasting first impression; do you want that to be a soggy door mat surrounded by slippery floors and yellow cautions signs? Our Uptown and Boulevard mats are two unique products designed to work in tandem to give your business a professional look without sacrificing the high performance water retention and scraping properties our mats are known for. Boulevard is designed with a high-low wave pattern for maximum scraping efficiency, while Uptown completes the process by drying shoes and retaining the moisture and debris.
Outdoor Mat

Rubber Brush – These mats are constructed with tough SBR rubber, giving them the ability to remain supple in extremely cold conditions. Thousands of rugged, flexible rubber fingers sweep shoes clean, while the suction cups on the underside of the mat minimize shifting. A molded beveled edge around the perimeter of the Rubber Brush mat traps moisture, preventing it from leaking out the sides. This mat is a perfect year round solution to keep dirt and debris where it belongs: outside.

Ground Protection Mat
AlturnaMAT – When traction is a necessity, look no further than AlturnaMATS. These rugged ground protectors are made of 1/2″ thick polyethylene and offer far more durability than plywood. Bold cleat traction patterns keep vehicles moving even in thick mud or snow. With a load capacity of 120-tons, heavy vehicle traffic is no problem for an AlturnaMAT. You’ll simply never get stuck again. If sensitive turf is an issue, AlturnaMATS are great for keeping looking fresh and soft.
If portability is key, try TRAKMAT. Offering a lighter alternative to the AlturnaMAT, the TRAKMAT features the same rugged traction and flexibility, but weighs in nearly ten pounds lighter. Built in handholds combined with its light weight make it easy to transport and deploy, and individual sheets can be connected to form a continuous roadway, walkway, or work platform.

For more information on these products, as well as other fantastic matting solutions, click here for our promotional brochure!

For more details on our indoor professional matting, click here!

For more details on our outdoor ground protection matting, click here!

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Our Haiti Volunteer Mission is Rapidly Approaching

There are only six short weeks until twenty Checkers employees embark on our annual Haiti volunteer mission, and we are still seeking donations to assist the community of Ouanaminthe, Haiti. In one month, we’ve raised $4,725, which is approximately 24% of our $20,000 goal. While we deeply appreciate the contributions we’ve received so far, we still have a long way to go. Travel expenses for our employees will be covered, however, we are still seeking donations to cover the cost of materials and equipment needed for community projects.

Clean water is essential in these communities and implementing a water purification system will be a top priority project for our volunteer team. Water is, unfortunately, the most costly of all the materials needed, which is why additional funds are critical to our volunteer effort successfully changing the quality of life in the Ouanaminthe community. With the start of the new year, now is as good a time as any to make a contribution towards improving the lives of people around the world, and you can do so by clicking here, or pressing the Go Fund Me button below. This mission is extremely important to Checkers and we hope to continue this tradition for many years to come.

Checkers employees on the 2015 Haiti volunteer mission

Checkers President & CEO Ray Torres helps out in the classroom during our 2015 mission.

In a partnership with COCINA, or the Coalition of Children in Need Association, we will be working at Institution Univers, a K-13 school. Institution Univers encourages students to pursue opportunities in higher education, but also offers an expanding vocational program and aims to have 30% of newly created, local jobs filled with vocational students. The overall goal of Institution Univers is to raise a new generation of leaders that can build a stronger Haiti, a goal which has seen success; as of 2009, six Institution Univers students have returned to work and serve in Haiti after receiving a college degree. At Checkers, we consider it a privilege to assist these young men and women on their path to higher education. We will be teaching and practicing English with the 11th-13th-grade students so that they will be able to pass the knowledge along to their peers.

To learn more about COCINA, click here.

For more information about our volunteer mission or to donate, click on the Go Fund Me button below.


Avoid the Slip and Slide: Winter Floor Mats

The last minute shopper, frantically dashing through the store aisles at 8 pm on December 24th, searching high and low for gifts and piling them into a cart. We’ve all seen this person in past holiday seasons; perhaps some of us have even been this person. However, last minute shopping is a surprisingly common phenomenon. With survey data from the 2014 holiday season, the National Retail Federation indicates while over 40% of adults begin their shopping in November, barely over 20% of adults have completed their shopping by December, and as many as 67% of adults expect to purchase gifts as late as December 18th. For business owners, Black Friday doesn’t signal the end of the holiday rush, but rather the beginning. As the throngs of holiday shoppers descend on retail outlets of all types, they track debris, snow, and water across previously pristine floors. In order to prevent floors from becoming dirty or slick, a business owner must take a proactive approach, and that starts at the entrance, with winter floor mats.

Superior Manufacturing, one of the recent additions to our Checkers family, is a pioneer in the manufacturing of high quality, performance floor matting. The matting options we now offer are the perfect solutions to keep floors clean and dry, and storefronts appealing.

Here are three mats that every business owner needs to combat winter elements:

Ridge Scraper â€“ Preventing dirty floors has to start where the dirt originates: outside. Our Ridge Scraper outdoor matting is made from durable rubber and designed to hold up Winter Floor Mats: Ridge Scraperagainst the elements. The high-low traction pattern scrapes dirt and debris from shoes, keeping it outside where it belongs.

To read more details on the Ridge Scraper matting, click here.

Arrow Trax – This interior mat is designed with water retention in mind, and a 3’X4’ mat can retain up to one gallon of water. That can be a little hard to Winter Floor Mats: Arrow Traxvisualize, and words really don’t do this exciting product justice. To understand the effectiveness of this high performance mat, one must see it in action.

To read more details on the Arrow Trax matting, click here.

Uptown/Boulevard – The entrance to your business can create a lasting first impression; do you want that to be a soggy door mat surrounded by slippery Winter Floor Mats: Uptown
floors and yellow cautions signs? Why not consider our Uptown and Boulevard mats, two products designed to work in tandem to give your business a professional look without sacrificing the high performance water retention and scraping properties our mats are known for. Boulevard is designed with a high-low wave pattern for maximum scraping efficiency, while Uptown completes the process by drying shoes and retaining the moisture and debris.

To read more details on the Boulevard matting, click here.

To read more details on the Uptown matting, click here.

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