Checkers’ Mission Trip to Haiti

In partnership with non-profit COCINA (Coalition of Children in Need), Checkers will be sending 20 of its employees on a mission trip to Haiti in February 2016. There, our employees will be in the community of Ouanaminthe, helping to reconstruct deteriorated structures, build water purification systems, and teaching school children. Here at Checkers Industrial, we believe that education is valuable and that all children should have access to learning and basic necessities like water. We have particularly chosen Haiti due to its under-developed circumstances. In addition, our volunteers will be working on-site at Institution Univers, a K-13 school founded by COCINA in 1994.

While travel expenses for our employees will be covered, Checkers and its’ employees are seeking donations for material and equipment costs needed for community projects. Water is the most essential in these communities and as our volunteers plan to set-up purification systems, water is, unfortunately, the most costly of all the materials needed. For this reason, additional funds are fundamental so that our volunteers can help change lives in the Ouanaminthe community. This mission is extremely important to Checkers and we hope to continue this mission as a tradition for many years to come.

Checkers' mission trip to Haiti

To learn more about COCINA, click here.

For more information about our mission trip or to donate, click on the Go Fund Me button below.


Checkers is now a STAFDA Member

Checkers Industrial Safety Products is now a STAFDA member (Specialty Tools and Fasteners Association), an organization dedicated to promoting the advancement of manufacturers and distributors internationally. Since 1976, STAFDA has expanded its services from a simple platform of business interaction to an establishment of advisory boards who enhance the success of members through seminars, educational programs, and innovative solutions.

Each year, STAFDA holds an annual Conference and Trade Show. This year, the conference will be held in Phoenix, AZ on November 8-10. Due to time constraints, Checkers Industrial will not be an exhibitor for this upcoming show.

For more information about STAFDA, visit is now a STAFDA member!

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The Checkers Team’s Haiti Mission was a Success!

Last week Checkers Industrial Safety Products sent a team of 10 employees to Ouanaminthe, Haiti.  The Haiti mission was to support and work with Institution Univers, a K-13 school with 2,300 students.  We picked this cause in particular because two of Checkers’ core values are People (kids) and Learning (K-13 school) and a good education can be such a huge advantage in less developed nations like Haiti.

The trip was a huge success!

While in Haiti, the team worked on a number of projects; one of the key projects was to provide home water purification systems within the surrounding community and local villages.  They were able to in total, with money raised, provide 180 families with clean drinking water for the next two years.  Other key projects were to help teach English to the children at Institution Univers, building a brick wall to protect students while school is in session, mechanical repairs,  and other light construction.

Overall the team was able to raise over $11,000 to assist in the cost of these projects.  Thank you to all who donated and contributed to the mission.  If you would still like to contribute to Institution Univers and the students you can do so by contacting John Neill at  He can arrange donations and connect you with the correct people.

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Checkers Needs Your Help for Kids in Haiti

Checkers Industrial Safety Products will be sending a team of 10 employees to Ouanaminthe, Haiti in April 2015 to help make a difference in the lives of the kids in Haiti. This mission trip is designed to support and work with Institution Univers, a K-13 school with 2,300 students because a good education can be such a huge advantage in less developed nations. While in Haiti, the Checkers team will partner with a non-profit, Coalition of Children in Need Association (COCINA), to take on a number of vital projects to increase the safety and overall well-being of the families in and around Ouanaminthe.

We are looking for donations to help fund this project as it is essential for these children that we succeed. We hope that you will consider making this success possible with a generous and much-appreciated donation. Please click the link below to contribute to the cause and also share this with your friends, so this cause can get as much exposure as possible. We thank you for your support.

Join us to help the kids in Haiti!

2014 Mine Safety – Accident Prevention

Every year, mining continues to rank among the most dangerous occupations in the world. There are countless hazards employees face each and every day to perform their tasks. One of the biggest dangers is the machinery in which these employees work on and around. Mining equipment is incredibly large, heavy and can move at fast speeds. With a mixture of many sites of autonomous and man-operated machines, it can put the workers on site in great danger of being crushed, pinned or run over by equipment. All of these accidents can be prevented with training and health and safety awareness along with the use of proper safety equipment to ensure accidents do not continue to happen during daily duties and routine maintenance of trucks.

The Department of Labor recently released the Third Quarter Summary of 2014 Fatal Accidents at Metal/Nonmetal Mines with Preventative Recommendations” report.  This states there were 8 devastating deaths that occurred during the 3rd quarter of 2014. Two of these tragic deaths could have been prevented with the use of wheel chocks, preventing machinery from moving uncontrollably.  Another death occurred while working under a vehicle that was not cribbed properly, tragically taking a life.

These deaths really hit home with the Checkers team, as our goal is to keep employees safe by providing safety equipment that saves lives and protects assets. Below are some of the safety products we offer that serve the mining industry and continue to eliminate safety hazards like these on the job site.

Safely Enjoy the Great Outdoors Quality Products for Spring from Checkers Industrial

Checkers Industrial Safety Products is taking a proactive role in encouraging people to plan ahead to reduce safety risks with safety products for spring activities. Injuries and accidental deaths occur much more frequently as outdoor activities increase so being prepared can make a big difference in enjoying the springtime while reducing hazards.

“Everyone looks forward to this time of year, especially after the long winter we experienced in most of the country,” said Ray Torres, President, and CEO of Checkers. He went on to say, “As families start planning their spring activities, we hope to see them include safety as a top priority on their checklist. At Checkers, we take safety very seriously, and we are pleased to offer such a wide variety of products that bring an added measure of safety and peace of mind to individuals and families.”

When you are using a truck or SUV by itself or pulling something behind it, Checkers suggests having a set of wheel chocks to secure your vehicle when it is parked. Brake failure can quickly create a very dangerous situation. Torres stated, “Placing a set of our Value-Check Rubber Wheel Chocks against the tires will help stabilize your vehicle and keep you and those around you safe. The compact size of these durable chocks makes them very easy to handle and store.”

For many people, warmer weather means venturing off-road into areas that test their trucks and SUVs. Night driving also increases considerably this time of year, and insurance studies show drivers are three times more likely to be involved in an accident at night. “Whether you are parked along the roadside at night or stranded in a rugged area, a Value-Check LED Beacon is a great way to increase your visibility far beyond the light created by blinking tail lights,” said Ray Torres. These beacons are built with 26 LED bulbs to increase visibility and they easily attach to your vehicle with their powerful magnetic base.

With technology use on the rise, homes and garages have more cords and cables crossing their floors than ever before. With this trend, injuries from trips and falls are growing by disturbing numbers. According to Checkers, one of the easiest ways to prevent cables and cords from becoming trip hazards is to use Value-Check Rubber Cable Protectors. “These cable protectors help eliminate trip hazards while they protect cables and cords from damage,” said Torres. “Whether the use is temporary or permanent, using cable protectors will extend the life of your cables and reduce the risk of a trip and fall accident.”

Checkers® Partners with Eastsea to Act as Exclusive Distributor of Rubber Cable Protectors in North America

Checkers Industrial Safety Products announced today that they have entered into an exclusive partnership with Eastsea Rubber Co. Ltd. (also trading under Bestsea Technology) in China to manufacture and distribute a line of rubber cable protectors. After conducting extensive research with multiple manufacturers, Checkers selected Eastsea because of their high-quality standards and production capabilities. The rubber cable protectors produced by Eastsea will include a number of Checkers’ patented features, such as connectors, distinctive color combinations, and a five bar tread pattern, that have made Checkers the preferred provider of cable protection systems in a wide array of industries worldwide.

Like many of Checkers popular urethane models, these new rubber cable protectors will be offered with a hinged lid, multiple channels in each protector, and built-in connectors that allow users to extend a run of cable protectors to any desired length. By adding these “economy-priced” models, Checkers has accomplished its goal of offering a complete line of cable protection products for customers at any price level.

“We realized the best channel to market our products in North America would be by working in partnership with Checkers,” said Jan Wu, owner of Eastsea Rubber. He went on to say, “With support from Checkers in quality control, technical guidance and intellectual property, I believe this will be a great opportunity for Eastsea Rubber to experience healthy growth. We looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with Checkers.”

Checkers has invested extensive resources in developing their cable protectors and solidifying their intellectual property rights. Having recently identified a number of Asian companies who are competing unfairly by selling “knock-offs” of their proprietary products, Checkers has taken legal action to vigorously defend against potential infringement. According to Ray Torres, Checkers President, and CEO, “We are in active discussions with the manufacturers we believe are infringing on our technology. Checkers is taking this step to support our distributors in selling value-added, differentiated cable management systems and industrial safety solutions.” He continued to say, “We selected Eastsea because they share our common values of producing the highest quality products and dealing with integrity at every level.”

The safety of people and property is the number one priority at Checkers. Their Yellow Jacket brand pioneered the cable protector industry with the debut of the first 5-channel model at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics. Checkers now manufactures the industry’s six most popular brands and has become the world’s most trusted manufacturer of cable and hose protection systems. Checkers attributes its success to innovation, investing in intellectual property, and offering the broadest product lines globally. They remain committed and focused on educating industries to view safety as an investment and not a cost.