A Precious Child: Fill a Backpack Corporate Challenge

A Precious Child works closely with schools in Colorado, often communicating about needs children have during the school year. One thing brought to attention was the numerous children attending school without necessary supplies in tow. Thousands of students in the state are unable to perform adequately without pencils, paper, erasers, and other required tools for class.

A Precious Child aims to solve that issue.

Kids happy to receive their brand new backpack and school supplies!

This week marks the beginning of A Precious Child’s, Fill A Backpack program. This campaign gives children from kindergarten to high school adequate school supplies through donations. Last year thousands of kids could return to school ready to face the semester because of the Fill A Backpack program. This year the goal is to provide the same opportunity for more than 15,000 children living in eight Denver Metro Counties.

All school supplies are greatly appreciated. You can follow these links to the Amazon Wish list for each age group, if you are interested in donating:

Full Backpack Grades K-2 Amazon Wish List

Full Backpack Grades 3-5 Amazon Wish List

Full Backpack Grades 6-8 Amazon Wish List

Full Backpack Grades 9-12 Amazon Wish List

A Precious Child has been helping the communities of Colorado for 10 years, providing families with basic essentials such as clothing, shoes, baby products, and coats. For around $50 raised, a child can attend class with the tools to succeed and the confidence to tackle each school day.

Checkers has proudly been working with A Precious Child for 3 years. Checkers will be collecting all donations in both building’s break rooms till July 20th, when the program officially ends. A Precious Child will then distribute the backpacks to children in need through their agency partners that include schools, health and human services, churches, hospitals, safe houses, fire and police departments, at-risk youth centers, homeless shelters, mental health, and foster care organizations.

To participate in any future A Precious Child events you can visit their webpage here.



Manufacturing Jobs in the United States

Checkers provides manufacturing jobsIn a recent interview with Cheddar TV, CEO of Thomas Publishing Company Tony Uphoff discussed the challenges facing manufacturing companies in the United States. The manufacturing industry has long been a stalwart of economic development in the US and revitalizing it will be critical to continued success as a nation. According to Deloitte, “Every dollar spent in manufacturing adds $1.37 to the U.S. economy, and every 100 jobs in a manufacturing facility creates an additional 250 jobs in other sectors.” Clearly, manufacturing jobs are important for economic growth. However, as a country, we face several problems in our manufacturing sector. The skill gap is substantial and continues to widen. Deloitte estimates that “Over the next decade nearly 3 ½ million manufacturing jobs likely need to be filled. The skills gap is expected to result in 2 million of those jobs going unfilled.” That’s where the federal government comes in. Back in June, the president signed an executive order that increased funding for apprenticeships, increasing the budget from $90 million to $200 million. As Uphoff mentions, it is not immediately clear where this additional funding will be coming from. In The president’s own words, the apprenticeship program is designed to provide “…great jobs without the crippling debt of traditional four-year college degrees.”

Uphoff also references another force working upon the manufacturing industry: technology. As technology advances and improves, its increased presence in the manufacturing industry becomes inevitable. Automation is being utilized more and more to fill the skill gap and keep business producing at a high level. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As Uphoff alludes to, automation creates new job opportunities. Not to mention that not all technological improvements are designed to replace humans. Some, such as Google Glass 2.0, are designed to be used as a tool for better worker efficiency. We here at Checkers are excited by the prospect of technology entering our workspace. Currently, we utilize 3D printing technology to reduce prototyping costs, but perhaps some day we’ll be able to 3D print a cable protector. In the mean time, we manufacture all of our cable protectors and wheel chocks the old fashioned way: on a manufacturing floor in Broomfield, Colorado, USA. To learn more about Checkers‘ history and manufacturing processes, click here. To learn about career opportunities at Checkers, click here.

Checkers’ Haiti Mission 2017

Our annual Haiti mission is approaching once again

Checkers' Haiti Mission in partnership with COCINAEvery year, Checkers partners with COCINA, the Coalition of Children in Need Association, for a Haiti mission to send a team of Checkers employees for a week of volunteering. This amazing opportunity allows the Checkers team to expand our perspectives while honoring our core values and reaffirming our commitment to the global community. However, we can’t do it alone. We are currently accepting donations for this wonderful cause, and we hope you will consider giving.

The trips in the past two years have been deeply fulfilling experiences and we expect this year to be no different. The volunteering team will consist of employees from all levels of the company and will engage in a variety of outreach efforts to help Institute Univers, a Haitian school in Ouanaminthe, and the local community. Included in these efforts will be the assembly and distribution of water filtration systems, the construction of a wall around the school (for the security and safety of the students), repainting areas of the school, and teaching basic English lessons to the students.

Honoring our core values

Checkers is committed to a set of values, including people, integrity, learning, laughter, accountability, respect, and safety. We honor the values of people, learning, and laughter with our mission trip. Hoping that our team learns as much from the wonderful Haitian children as they learn from us, and by laughing with them, it will help us all grow as people. And of course, we hope that bonds grow between the team, leading to a better understanding of each other outside of our roles within the company. Learn more about Checkers Safety Group’s core value here.

Dedicated to the global community

We here at Checkers believe that our community is global in scope, a belief that has only been cemented by our transformation from the United States-focused Checkers Industrial Safety Products to the globally-focused Checkers Safety Group. It is important now more than ever to remember our place within the greater global community and today, we’d like to invite you to start your week on a positive note: by donating to our volunteer efforts and helping those in need. We are raising money to help Insitute Univers and the Ounaminthe community and we need all the help we can get. The water pump we distribute costs $32 per unit and can last 10 years. For $32 you could change a Haitian family’s life.

Click here to read more and make a donation.

Boldly Going Where No Cable Protectors Have Gone Before

A few days ago, the world was treated to the first in-orbit images from NASA’s Juno mission. The picture, which can be seen on the right, shows three of the four Galilean moons orbiting the
NASA uses Checkers cable protectors for Juno probe construction gas giant. The primary goal of the Juno spacecraft is to understand the evolution as well as the origin of Jupiter, which is largely shrouded in both gas and mystery. The mission will map Jupiter’s magnetic field, as well as collect readings on the planet’s complex atmosphere. While high-res images are not expected for several more weeks, this preliminary snapshot gives us plenty to be excited about. The knowledge we gain from the Juno mission will help us to better understand our solar system and similar solar systems in other parts of our galaxy.

Yellow Jacket Series cable protectors in use at NASA


To understand the Checkers connection, we need to rewind a few years, to the construction of the Juno spacecraft. Observe the image on the left, of the Juno clean room. If you look closely, you’ll see a run of cables protected by our Linebacker Yellow Jacket Series of cable protectors. The signature black and yellow coloring gives it away, as well as our popular “Dog Bone” connectors, featured on the majority of our cable protectors. It’s exciting to see our products playing a role in such a historic scientific event, and we are very proud that NASA trusts our cable protectors to keep both their scientists and equipment safe. While protecting employees is always the priority, protecting equipment can be especially important when dealing with expensive and delicate items such as spacecraft. Our Yellow Jacket Series of cable protectors are always up for the job, featuring a durable high-density polyethylene construction, and a rugged traction pattern to avoid slips, trips, and falls.

Learn more about our Linebacker Yellow Jacket Series here!

Learn more about the Juno Mission here!

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Checkers Runs the Colfax Marathon!

Colfax marathon cable protectionDubbed “The Ultimate Urban Tour,” the Colfax Marathon has become an annual Denver event ever since it’s inception in 2006. This year, Checkers sponsored three relay teams of five, as well as several individual runners participating in the 5k and half marathon events. While Colorado claims to offer 300 days of sunshine a year, this was not the case on Sunday, as runners woke to a gray sky and cool temperatures. Not that many minded however, as these conditions were ideal for the long race. Team 2 took home the trophy this year, clocking a time of 4 hours and 4 minutes. We are all very proud of them, they did a great job. As the runners traversed the route, we couldn’t help but spot cable protectors. Nearly every relay handoff point featured a cable protection run, crucial to keeping runners safe. The team was able to snap a picture of a cable run in front of Mile High Stadium. Cable protectors are one of our staples, and The Guard Dog® ADA Cable Protector is a great solution for pedestrian applications such as races, as the slope is more gradual than a traditional cable protector, which eliminates trip hazards.

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A Turf Disaster Terraplas Could Have Prevented

Turf disaster strikes at AuburnAs summer approaches, so does concert season, and many university stadiums and sporting venues prepare to take advantage of off-season opportunities to collect extra revenue by hosting these events. Auburn University recently hosted a Kenny Chesney concert at Jordan-Hare Stadium and chose to protect the field with a competitor’s product rather than our Terraplas turf protection system. As you can see from the pictures on the right, the results were a literal turf disaster and totally catastrophic for the field. Fortunately, the field was scheduled to be re-sodded anyway, but this is a great example of why quality turf protection matters. Re-sodding turf is an expensive process, that is avoidable with the use of Terraplas. The translucent properties of the High Density Polyethylene ensure that sunlight can still reach the grass, eliminating the yellowing that can be seen in the bottom image of Jordan-Hare. The HDPE construction is extremely strong, and we offer turf protection systems that can support vehicles, such as our TerraTrak Plus. Terraplas is especially vital for non-sporting events hosted during the season. Imagine the scramble to re-sod Jordan-Hare if the Tigers had to play in a week. If you have an upcoming event, don’t forget about your turf!

Terraplas is the name in turf protection. Read more about Terraplas products here!

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2015: A Record Year for Mine Safety!

Mine safety is a priority for CheckersAs a manufacturer committed to mine safety, we here at Checkers are delighted to read this report from the National Safety Council reporting that 2015 was the safest year in the history of the mining industry! The fatality rate in 2015 was 0.0096 per 200,000 hours worked, which dropped significantly from the 2014 rate of 0.0144. The “all-injury rate” hit a historic low as well, clocking in at 2.28. Also noted in the article is the fact that safety citations and orders issued decreased by 11 percent. Our wheel chocks no doubt played a part in reducing that statistic, as they are MSHA approved. Designed with heavy duty polyurethane, our chocks combine lightweight portability with rugged high-performance load capacities. Our goal is to see the fatality rate reduced to zero, as even one life lost to poor safety precautions is too many. While there is a room for improvement, we are still very excited to see the establishment of this milestone in mining history. Safety, of course, is always in a state of constant improvement, so we have high hopes to see even lower fatality rates in 2016.

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Terraplas Featured in SportsTurf Magazine!

Terraplas turf protection systems were recently featured in the April issue of SportsTurf Magazine, the leading publication in supplying content to groundskeepers, athletic field managers, parks Terraplas is the best turf protection matand recreation personnel and more. The article focuses on a study conducted by the University of Connecticut to scientifically determine the most effective turf protection solutions. The products that were evaluated included: Generic plywood measuring .75″ in thickness (2 layers), Enkamat Plus and Plywood (2 layers), Enkamat Flatback and Plywood (2 layers), Supa-Trac, and TerraTrak Plus. Each turf protection solution was evaluated over the course of 3, 6, and 9 days, and traffic was simulated with a 20,000 lbs. loaded dump truck. While the study breaks down the numerical data in a very scientific manner, the photo on the left says it all. Only Terraplas products will keep grass alive and green. The translucent construction of the HDPE gives Terraplas an advantage over all competitors, as it allows photosynthesis to continue while the tile is in place. Plywood can never hope to achieve similar results; it simply cannot keep turf as healthy as Terraplas. While the study notes that the plywood did allow for slightly better load dispersion, it’s flimsy composition left splinters all over the turf. The durable HDPE of Terraplas ensures that clean-up will not be necessary after events. We’ve always asserted the superiority of Terraplas to plywood, but now we have science on our side. For superior turf protection, Terraplas is the only solution.

Read the full study here!

Read more about Terraplas products here!

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Film Set Safety

Checkers cable protection for film set safetyWith the bright lights and flashy special effects, it’s easy to forget that film sets are just as much work sites as construction zones or factory floors, and as such, film set safety is imperative. This recent article from OH&S reminds us of this, reporting on charges against Foodles Production Ltd over an incident that resulted in an injury to actor and national treasure Harrison Ford during the filming of “The Force Awakens.” Fortunately, Ford escaped the film with only a broken leg, far better off than his character, Han Solo. Still, this unfortunate accident highlights some of the safety hazards in the entertainment industry, hazards that we here at Checkers offer solutions to solve. Below are some of the innovative products we’ve designed with the entertainment industry in mind.

The Firefly Illuminated Cable Protector:

Optimize film set safety in backstage areas with the FireflyCables. In the entertainment industry, you can’t live without them. However, they do pose trip hazards. That’s why our innovative cable protection systems are designed to make it easier to work around cables. Both protecting the cable and preventing slips, trips, and falls, our cable protectors are a must for film set safety where cables are everywhere. While the Firefly is not new to the entertainment scene, its addition to the Checkers family means the addition of the “Dog Bone” connector, and easy integration into our Yellow Jacket and Guard Dog cable protection systems. The LED strips that line the ramps of the Firefly provide lighting in darkened backstage areas, reducing trip hazards substantially.

The Grip Guard Cable Protector:

5-Channel Lightweight Grip GuardFor lightweight solutions, look no further than the Grip Guard. Weighing in at a mere 12.75 lbs. the Grip Guard is the lightest cable protector on the market by a substantial margin. If portability and ease of set-up is a key concern, Grip Guard is the way to go. Boasting a load capacity of 10,000 lbs. the Grip Guard doesn’t sacrifice strength and durability and is still able to handle light vehicles without issues.

The Yellow Jacket AMS System:

Ten47YJAMS Media Power - CroppedWith the amount of cables on a film set, sometimes a five channel cable protector simply isn’t enough to get the job done. That’s why we offer the Yellow Jacket AMS System, a modular cable protection solution that allows for an unlimited number of five channel center sections to be placed together to accommodate an unlimited number of cables. Yellow Jacket is a name known throughout the entertainment industry and is synonymous with high quality, heavy duty cable protection.


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Our Neighbors at CU are Terraplas Owners!

CU terraplas2Our friends and neighbors at the University of Colorado-Boulder are one of the first owners of the new Terraplas turf protection systems. This latest iteration of the system does not feature the traditional stripe pattern and is currently owned by a select few stadiums, including Levi’s Stadium, Soldier Field, and Lincoln Financial Field. Hundreds of colleges have indoor practice facilities, however, which is an ideal use for our new Terraplas system. With the building already in place, adding a Terraplas system can upgrade a simple practice facility to an elegant event house, increasing off-season revenue. With a diverse line of turf protection solutions, Terraplas is well known by stadium managers the world over. With both light-duty pedestrian flooring such as the Terratile or Terraflor, as well as heavy-duty options for vehicles such as the Terratrak or the Terracover, no matter what event your stadium might be hosting, we will have the event flooring solution you need. The translucent design of Terraplas products ensures that grass is able to continue to grow, and doesn’t yellow or die during longer events. Featuring a modular design with lateral locking cams, this system is quick to install and remove. Many stadiums across the country and the world already own or rent a system, a testament to the quality of the product. So next time you find yourself attending a college graduation ceremony, take a look at the flooring. There is a good chance you’ll see our signature translucent, HDPE design.

To learn more about Terraplas, click here to visit the website.

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Our Teams are Back from Haiti!

Our teams are back from Haiti!Our two Checkers teams are back from Haiti after a successful mission trip to Ouanaminthe! Based at Institution Univers, our teams helped build a concrete wall aroundIMG_1047 the school for security, assisted with repainting the windows, taught English classes, and installed Notrax® matting in the showers. The wall project was the most physically demanding, as we assisted Haitian stone masons move the dirt and gravel necessary for the foundation, and stack the cinder blocks. Fortunately, we had mandatory breaks whenever the children would come out for recess. The mobs of “les petits” Haiti 601(kindergartners) all eagerly shouting “Blanc! Blanc!” and craning their necks to examine our light skin, hair, tattoos, Haiti 482watches and cell phones made continuing work nearly impossible. That was for the best, however, as connecting with the people was a crucial part of our mission. Two Checkers core values are “people” and “laughter,” and as we laughed and bonded with these energetic children, we were shown a glimpse of the strength and resiliency of the Haitian people. Multiple times while working on the wall, small children would wander up, grab a shovel, and try to help. When classes began, we got a chance to connect with the children on an even deeper level, through teaching. Another one of our core values here at Checkers is “learning,” and we learned as much from the students as they learned from us. Their eagerness for knowledge and excitement for education was refreshing, and they all strive for ambitious goals. Future engineers and doctors fill the halls and classrooms of Institution Univers.

IMG_4815Possibly the most crucial component of our mission, however, was the distribution of Sawyer waterIMG_0516 bucket filtration systems. These exciting filters are able to keep water clean for up to seven years, with proper cleaning and care.  For those unfamiliar with Haiti, clean drinking water is one of the biggest problems facing the nation. According to the World Health Organization, diarrhea is the 4th leading cause of death for children under 5, accounting for 12% of all child deaths. Digestive problems caused by unclean water are pervasive across the country, making access to clean water absolutely IMG_0174imperative for these people to lead healthy lives. Aided by Institution Univers, we traveled throughout the countryside of northern Haiti, passing out bucket filtration systems to those in need. From the misty mountain town of Capotille to the warm roadside village of Savane-Carrie, we were able to help many Haitians, while they simultaneously helped us to understand our global community and our place within it. Our mission trip to Haiti brought our Checkers values to the forefront. As we learned and laughed, it gave us new perspectives on the wonderful people of Haiti. There are a lot of things that Haiti does not have, but despite the economic hardships, there is no shortage of strength, perseverance, and faith. And that is truly inspiring.


IMG_2402To learn more about COCINA, Institution Univers, and mission trips to Haiti,IMG_4847

click here.

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Our Haiti Volunteer Mission is Rapidly Approaching

There are only six short weeks until twenty Checkers employees embark on our annual Haiti volunteer mission, and we are still seeking donations to assist the community of Ouanaminthe, Haiti. In one month, we’ve raised $4,725, which is approximately 24% of our $20,000 goal. While we deeply appreciate the contributions we’ve received so far, we still have a long way to go. Travel expenses for our employees will be covered, however, we are still seeking donations to cover the cost of materials and equipment needed for community projects.

Clean water is essential in these communities and implementing a water purification system will be a top priority project for our volunteer team. Water is, unfortunately, the most costly of all the materials needed, which is why additional funds are critical to our volunteer effort successfully changing the quality of life in the Ouanaminthe community. With the start of the new year, now is as good a time as any to make a contribution towards improving the lives of people around the world, and you can do so by clicking here, or pressing the Go Fund Me button below. This mission is extremely important to Checkers and we hope to continue this tradition for many years to come.

Checkers employees on the 2015 Haiti volunteer mission

Checkers President & CEO Ray Torres helps out in the classroom during our 2015 mission.

In a partnership with COCINA, or the Coalition of Children in Need Association, we will be working at Institution Univers, a K-13 school. Institution Univers encourages students to pursue opportunities in higher education, but also offers an expanding vocational program and aims to have 30% of newly created, local jobs filled with vocational students. The overall goal of Institution Univers is to raise a new generation of leaders that can build a stronger Haiti, a goal which has seen success; as of 2009, six Institution Univers students have returned to work and serve in Haiti after receiving a college degree. At Checkers, we consider it a privilege to assist these young men and women on their path to higher education. We will be teaching and practicing English with the 11th-13th-grade students so that they will be able to pass the knowledge along to their peers.

To learn more about COCINA, click here.

For more information about our volunteer mission or to donate, click on the Go Fund Me button below.


It’s That Time of Year Again — 3 Products You Need This Winter!

With winter storms on its way to many areas this season, drivers are in full preparation of what may come this winter. It’s an annual routine: Get new tires, get your brakes checked, and ensuring that everything is working properly. You may have even stocked your car with safety kits and tools – just in case.

But it may not be that simple. Drivers can get stranded in wintry places not necessarily ideal. In many cases, stranded drivers are commercial truck drivers in isolated areas where few vehicles pass. Even in areas with busier traffic, storms with heavy snowfall and blustering high winds can make it difficult for drivers to see each other. Nevertheless, severe winter weather poses high risks to drivers nationwide.

The most efficient way to prepare to actually BE PREPARED! Here are 3 products you need this winter:3 Products You Need This Winter from Checkers!

LED Flare Kit: Designed specifically for emergencies. Comes as an all-in-one kit with charging station included. LED flare kits provide substantial light in severe weather conditions when vision can be impaired. LED flare automatically starts once removed from charging.

See the product here: https://www.checkersindustrial.com/products/led-flare-kit/led-flare-kit/

Emergency Power Charger Kit: Great resource for all drivers as its capabilities are versatile. Strong enough to start V-8 trucks, cars, ATVs, Motorcycles, and boats. Built-in LED flashlight included.

See the product here: https://www.checkersindustrial.com/products/emergency-power-charger/checkers-compact-power-charger/

Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks: Ideal for commercial, pick-up, and utility vehicles. Manufactured with urethane for maximum durability and lightweight use. These wheel chocks provide substantial support for large vehicles in all environments. Oil, Chemical, and weather resistant, these wheel chocks are perfect for a
safe winter.

See the product here: https://www.checkersindustrial.com/product-category/wheel-chocks/heavy-duty-wheel-chocks/


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Checkers’ Mission Trip to Haiti

In partnership with non-profit COCINA (Coalition of Children in Need), Checkers will be sending 20 of its employees on a mission trip to Haiti in February 2016. There, our employees will be in the community of Ouanaminthe, helping to reconstruct deteriorated structures, build water purification systems, and teaching school children. Here at Checkers Industrial, we believe that education is valuable and that all children should have access to learning and basic necessities like water. We have particularly chosen Haiti due to its under-developed circumstances. In addition, our volunteers will be working on-site at Institution Univers, a K-13 school founded by COCINA in 1994.

While travel expenses for our employees will be covered, Checkers and its’ employees are seeking donations for material and equipment costs needed for community projects. Water is the most essential in these communities and as our volunteers plan to set-up purification systems, water is, unfortunately, the most costly of all the materials needed. For this reason, additional funds are fundamental so that our volunteers can help change lives in the Ouanaminthe community. This mission is extremely important to Checkers and we hope to continue this mission as a tradition for many years to come.

Checkers' mission trip to Haiti

To learn more about COCINA, click here.

For more information about our mission trip or to donate, click on the Go Fund Me button below.


Take action now: Protect your assets during hurricane and flood season with Checkers Industrial Safety Products

With every hurricane, storm, and severe weather warning, the best method of risk assessment is to be PREPARED. According to the National Hurricane Center, storm trackers on land cannot predict oncoming storms well enough to warn people and businesses of what may come. Without close caution, the economic expense for businesses and cities become extraordinarily high as more communities deal with clean up and loss of property.

Checkers Industrial Safety Products can help provide an effective approach to securing both personal and commercial assets. In addition, the capability of our heavy duty products can supply communities with the innovative tools before a storm hits and after, assisting in the cleanup.

Our ground protection products are comprehensive tools for natural disasters like Hurricane Joaquin:

Ground Protection Mats

  • Provides stable driving/walking surface
  • Allows vehicles to access and navigate muddy, normally inaccessible areas
  • Minimizes vehicle impact on ground and environment

Cable & Hose Protection

  • Variety of styles and sizes to choose fromHurricane Blog Post Pic
  • Fast setup and transport
  • Durable polyurethane construction
  • For pedestrian traffic and work vehicles
  • High load-bearing capacity

Wheel Chocks

  • Designed for a variety of applications
  • Lightweight urethane construction
  • Ideal for trucks, trailers, emergency service, and utility vehicles

HEAVY DUTY Wheel Chocks

  • Perfect for industrial applications
  • Aluminum cleats or rubber pads on bottom
  • Ideal for heavy equipment, trucks, and firefighting vehicles

Industrial Lights

  • 30% more light output than competing brands
  • Built with heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polycarbonate and polypropylene for extreme conditions
  • Available in both electrical powered and solar powered models

Checkers is currently giving priority orders servicing relief efforts. Don’t wait until disaster strikes!

For more information, contact us at:




Learn more about Hurricane Joaquin here:

2014 Mine Safety – Accident Prevention

Every year, mining continues to rank among the most dangerous occupations in the world. There are countless hazards employees face each and every day to perform their tasks. One of the biggest dangers is the machinery in which these employees work on and around. Mining equipment is incredibly large, heavy and can move at fast speeds. With a mixture of many sites of autonomous and man-operated machines, it can put the workers on site in great danger of being crushed, pinned or run over by equipment. All of these accidents can be prevented with training and health and safety awareness along with the use of proper safety equipment to ensure accidents do not continue to happen during daily duties and routine maintenance of trucks.

The Department of Labor recently released the Third Quarter Summary of 2014 Fatal Accidents at Metal/Nonmetal Mines with Preventative Recommendations” report.  This states there were 8 devastating deaths that occurred during the 3rd quarter of 2014. Two of these tragic deaths could have been prevented with the use of wheel chocks, preventing machinery from moving uncontrollably.  Another death occurred while working under a vehicle that was not cribbed properly, tragically taking a life.

These deaths really hit home with the Checkers team, as our goal is to keep employees safe by providing safety equipment that saves lives and protects assets. Below are some of the safety products we offer that serve the mining industry and continue to eliminate safety hazards like these on the job site.

Checkers All-Purpose Whip Testing

Here at Checkers, all of our warning whips undergo rigorous whip testing to ensure that only the best products reach the market we serve. For this reason, we did some in-house testing on our All-Purpose Waterproof Warning Whip. Our team of engineers set up a controlled environment in order to conduct Impact Testing at 20 mph on a steel surface & Immersion Testing to simulate rain and other similar weather conditions. Below is the video that we shot so that you can see for yourself the strength and resilience of Checkers‘ new All-Purpose Waterproof Warning Whip. The video also highlights the key features of the All-Purpose whip. Enjoy!


To learn more about the Checkers All Purpose Whips, click here.

Safely Enjoy the Great Outdoors Quality Products for Spring from Checkers Industrial

Checkers Industrial Safety Products is taking a proactive role in encouraging people to plan ahead to reduce safety risks with safety products for spring activities. Injuries and accidental deaths occur much more frequently as outdoor activities increase so being prepared can make a big difference in enjoying the springtime while reducing hazards.

“Everyone looks forward to this time of year, especially after the long winter we experienced in most of the country,” said Ray Torres, President, and CEO of Checkers. He went on to say, “As families start planning their spring activities, we hope to see them include safety as a top priority on their checklist. At Checkers, we take safety very seriously, and we are pleased to offer such a wide variety of products that bring an added measure of safety and peace of mind to individuals and families.”

When you are using a truck or SUV by itself or pulling something behind it, Checkers suggests having a set of wheel chocks to secure your vehicle when it is parked. Brake failure can quickly create a very dangerous situation. Torres stated, “Placing a set of our Value-Check Rubber Wheel Chocks against the tires will help stabilize your vehicle and keep you and those around you safe. The compact size of these durable chocks makes them very easy to handle and store.”

For many people, warmer weather means venturing off-road into areas that test their trucks and SUVs. Night driving also increases considerably this time of year, and insurance studies show drivers are three times more likely to be involved in an accident at night. “Whether you are parked along the roadside at night or stranded in a rugged area, a Value-Check LED Beacon is a great way to increase your visibility far beyond the light created by blinking tail lights,” said Ray Torres. These beacons are built with 26 LED bulbs to increase visibility and they easily attach to your vehicle with their powerful magnetic base.

With technology use on the rise, homes and garages have more cords and cables crossing their floors than ever before. With this trend, injuries from trips and falls are growing by disturbing numbers. According to Checkers, one of the easiest ways to prevent cables and cords from becoming trip hazards is to use Value-Check Rubber Cable Protectors. “These cable protectors help eliminate trip hazards while they protect cables and cords from damage,” said Torres. “Whether the use is temporary or permanent, using cable protectors will extend the life of your cables and reduce the risk of a trip and fall accident.”

Portable Battery Charging Units Key to Safety in Extreme, Inclement Weather

“Even residents of Canada and in many parts of the Northern U.S., who generally are used to winter conditions, have been hard hit these last several months,” says Ray Torres, President, and CEO of Colorado-based Checkers Industrial Safety Products. “People have become increasingly aware of keeping an emergency kit in their car including portable battery charging units.”

According to Torres, Checkers has recently released a white paper detailing the considerations consumers should analyze before selecting portable battery charging units for personal use. Those things which should be taken into account, according to the paper, include the size of the device, its ability to power multiple devices if needed, how quickly the unit can be charged or recharged, and how easy it is to utilize.

“If a charger is large or heavy, most people simply won’t carry it with them,” he says. “Finding a unit that can fit easily under the seat, in the glove box, or even in a purse where a person can access and confidently use it is extremely important.”

Although not mentioned in the white paper available to download below, Torres says that Checkers Industrial Safety Products has recently introduced a new product to their line-up, called the JUMP N’ GO. Measuring just 6.125″ x 3″ x 1.125″, this compact power charger is strong enough to charge the battery of V-8 trucks as well as boat, motorcycle, and ATV batteries. It can jump start up to 12 vehicles on a single charge, while also having the capability to charge mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.

Additional information about the Jump n’ Go, can be located on the company’s website www.checkersindustrial.com/products/emergency-power-charger/.

WHITE PAPER: Wheel Chocks: Urethane vs. Rubber

Ongoing testing and side-by-side comparison demonstrate urethane chocks are more resistant to damage, are easier to carry and deploy and provide greater safety capabilities than similar rubber chocks.

Wheel chocks represent critical safety equipment in industrial, mining and aviation settings. Their proper and sustained use ensures that lives are protected, and such use is required by the DOT, NFPA, SAE and MSHA. There are multiple wheel chocks on the market, including those constructed of aluminum, wood, rubber and urethane. Federal guidelines do not generally specify the type of material that must be utilized for industrial applications; however, rubber and urethane are the two most commonly selected by safety managers.

There are multiple wheel chocks on the market, including those constructed of aluminum, wood, rubber and urethane. Federal guidelines do not generally specify the type of material that must be utilized for industrial applications; however, rubber and urethane are the two most commonly selected by safety managers.

Too often the final decision as to which chock to use is determined by chock cost. Unfortunately, this methodology is short-sighted when a long-term cost analysis is conducted as rubber has been shown to be less resistant to damage or breaking than urethane counterparts, thus requiring more frequent replacement and resulting in a higher cost.



A Comparison of Urethane Chocks versus Rubber Chocks

Checkers Industrial began developing and testing urethane chocks in the late 1980s with a significant investment that required extensive engineering and design. Testing initially included the comparison of the new urethane products against chocks made of various materials, including both metal and wood, as well as the more commonly utilized rubber.


Greater Strength and Flexibility: Initial independent testing showed “and repeated subsequent testing has confirmed” the urethane chocks consistently had a higher load-bearing capacity than their rubber counterparts and were better able to absorb high impacts from heavy machinery. While mimicking the flexibility of rubber, urethane chocks also showed significantly greater strength and resistance to abrasion. Over time, the urethane chocks also proved to better withstand harsh working conditions and extreme weather.


Improved Ease of Use: Because of the risk of human error in the placement of wheel chocks, ease of use was also considered and evaluated by Checkers in multiple testing environments. Urethane chocks have been shown to be 20 to 50 percent lighter in weight than similarly sized rubber chocks, providing ease of carrying and transport. Urethane construction also allowed the molding of ANSI-compliant chocking guidelines into the chocks themselves; an option not available in traditional rubber manufacturing. Molding of built-in carrying handles was also shown to be of benefit to workers in multiple industrial applications.


Superior On-Site Visibility: The use of urethane in chock manufacture has allowed other features to promote safety and protect both lives and assets. One of the most impactful is the ability to produce the chocks in high-visibility safety colors, which further aids in proper chock placement as well as raising awareness for those walking or driving around equipment secured by these components. This is in stark comparison to the rubber chocks, which have not successfully been manufactured to incorporate safety colors.

Checkers Industrial Introduces: Gorilla® All Purpose Waterproof Warning Whip Sets the New Standard for Weather Resistance

Checkers Industrial Safety Products announced the immediate availability of their new GORILLA® All Purpose Waterproof Warning Whips with stainless steel components. Featuring a multitude of patent-pending features, the Gorilla whip is built from heavy duty materials that make it ideal for extreme weather conditions such as coastal areas, corrosive environments, salt mines, and areas with high humidity.

“Moisture has always been the most challenging factor in whip light performance,” said Jesica Bailey, Director of Sales and Marketing for Checkers Industrial Safety Products. “Every component of a GORILLA®All Purpose Lighted Whip is built to eliminate the harmful effects of moisture. These whips have been tested repeatedly in extremely challenging weather conditions, and they have consistently performed at a superior level time and time again.”

GORILLA® All Purpose Warning Whips include a two-conductor waterproof hot plug with 12″ pigtail, heavy duty Day Bright fluorescent nylon mesh flag (with or without 3M® Scotchlite® reflective X), a new Rocket II Super Bright Waterproof LED light, and a stainless steel threaded hex base. According to Bailey, “Rocket II Super Bright Lights are up to 10 times brighter than other brands and come standard with 9 changeable light modes, 7 flash patterns, and steady on or off, making them the perfect ‘one light fits all’ solution.”

Additional features of GORILLA® All Purpose Lighted Whips include a new patent-pending waterproof LED light base that replaces the old 1156 bulb and lamp socket, the industry’s strongest fiberglass resin whip, a patent-pending internal ground connection that helps eliminate power failures, and an industrial grade internal wire that meets Military Spec MIL-W-16878. The lights are offered in five different colors, and an optional remote control to change flash patterns is also available.

Protect Your Loved Ones with These Travel Safety and Tripping Hazard Tips

Since this past fall, most have experienced the abnormal freezing temperatures produced by the rapidly warming Arctic which has commonly been referred to as the Polar Vortex. These recent weeks have reached below freezing temperatures in all 50 states and some have even hit record lows. Conditions this low have an extreme effect on travel safety. On the other hand, as more people are forced to stay inside other factors such as; disease, fires, and tripping hazards over exposed heater cords has increase. For these reasons, we wanted to summarize the most commonly seen outdoor and indoor safety hazards. In addition, offer a few safety preventive Checkers‘ products that might help keep you and your loved ones safe this winter.

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WHITE PAPER: Testing Cable Protector YJ2-400 in a Real-World Setting

While the technology surrounding modern mining and construction continues to evolve, there are some things that will always remain the same: the havoc wreaked on sites by trucks and heavy equipment. Of particular concern are the cables, lines, and hoses frequently crossing these sites and the expense required to purchase them initially and, when damaged, to replace them.

Current Status

For years, many mine sites have tried to protect their cables by building an overhead system that utilizes poles secured in old rubber tires filled with concrete. This make-shift system poses high safety risks to both people and equipment as trucks can easily get hung up on the cables. Over the last two decades, the market has introduced crossover pads and ramps in an effort to protect large cables and hoses at the ground level. While some have shown promise in the short-term, most have lacked the necessary durability needed for long-term use. As such, they eventually become a safety liability instead of a reliable piece of safety equipment.

In addition, past designs have proven inconvenient to use and difficult to transport. Overly heavy and awkward to move, they have also lacked expansion capabilities.

The most common weaknesses include:

  • inability to withstand extreme changes in temperature
  • cracking, warping or other damage caused by frequent, heavy loads
  • channel systems ill-suited to manage and protect multiple hoses or cable types and sizes
  • lack of adaptability to expand or reduce the size of the crossover units as needed


Testing cable protector YJ2-400

Yellow Jacket Heavy Duty Cable Protectors were introduced in 1991. As part of this line, the Yellow Jacket YJ2-400 extreme modular crossover system was created for industrial use, including construction sites and commercial environments. Constructed of all-weather polyurethane, the YJ2-400 had previously been shown to be significantly lighter than rubber protectors but rated to last up to 5 times as long. Since the company’s inception, testing of products in real-world settings has been critical in the formulation of new uses or in the refinement of existing designs. In 2012, for example, Checkers Industrial announced the recent testing of its wheel chocks used in the mining industry. That testing, supervised by multiple engineers and safety managers, proved the ability of the chocks to hold a 400-ton mining haul truck despite a 24 percent (24%) reduction in their weight. Given the results of that testing, the company opted to test the capabilities of the YJ2-400 under similar conditions.

On May 13, 2013, testing of the YJ2-400 was completed in an outdoor environment utilizing a Liebherr mining truck weighing 374 tons on a zero percent (0%) grade. Testing of the product was supervised by engineer Greg Widgery, who reported:

“The haul truck pulled across the cable protectors with the front left wheel and parked the left rear duals directly on top of the cable protectors and stayed parked for a count of one minute. The cable protector did not deform or break in any way. Test Results: Passed”

The May 2013 tests were also filmed and photographed, evidencing the ability of the YJ2-400 to withstand the repeated pressures placed on it. View Test Video

According to specs provided by Checkers, the YJ2-400 features two channels designed to protect cables and/or hoses up to 3.75″ in diameter. The system is modular, with each protector being 36″ in length and featuring dog-bone connectors for ease of expansion while maintaining portability.

The heavy duty protector features a thicker, reinforced version of the company’s standard hinged lid, which also features diamond-plate tread surface to improve traction for higher-volume traffic by even the largest vehicles. This aids in potential life-saving benefits of the system, as it reduces the likelihood of lid fracture, cable damage and electrical wiring exposure.

In the workplace, the primary benefits of the YJ2-400 were found to be:

  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of transport
  • Mobility
  • No chance of snagging overhead lines with vehicles
  • Unlimited linear installation, no center support needed to span long distances
  • Temporary solution (no need for semi-permanent installation)


Operating temps range from 40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 48 degrees Celsius). View more details such as: load capacities, size and other specs.


Testing conducted on the YJ2-400 in a real-world setting, as well as previous product development research evidences the product to be appropriate for use in industrial, mining and military environments. Its ability to repeatedly withstand even the harshest conditions, modular construction and capacity to house and protect multiple hoses or cables as large as 3.75″ in diameter further indicates the appropriateness of the use of the YJ2-400 in these environments, making it a cost-effective solution for safety managers, engineer, and supply chain managers.

Wheel Chock Instructional Video and Safety

This wheel chock instructional video is the first of many instructional videos from the long awaited Checkers University Educational Series.

The informative how-to video is focused on; demonstrating proper chocking techniques, in-depth explanation of the wheel chock reference guide, and why safety is an investment, not a cost.

View the Video

Watch our Wheel Chock Instructional Video!Educating employees on the correct ways to chock any vehicle will save your company millions in litigation of both nonfatal and fatal cases. “There is no monetary value to put on a life”, exclaims Ray Torres, President and, CEO of Checkers Industrial Safety Products. Not only will the lives of your employees be better protected, but so will the equipment they use. Jesica Bailey, Product Manager for Checkers, says “Dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets, is our company motto and the reason why we strive to provide the highest quality product at the best possible price”. These videos were produced to help educate the wide variety of Checkers clients they serve.

About Checkers Industrial Safety Products, LLC

Began in 1987 with a simple vision: to be a dynamic and growing organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets by delivering innovative safety products. That vision still drives Checkers today. Product offerings include cable and hose protection systems, wheel chocks, warning whips, warning lights and more.

The Benefits of Using Polyurethane Aviation Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are a very important component in aviation safety. When purchasing aviation wheel chocks, two of the material choices available are wood and polyurethane. While wood wheel chocks were the first aviation chocks designed and they are still in use in many locations, upgrading to polyurethane wheel chocks is a smart choice for a number of reasons.

One of the most important reasons for using polyurethane wheel chocks is safety.

Choosing a polyurethane product that is more structurally sound is far more important than saving a little money upfront on lower priced wood models, because it will eventually cost more in the long run. AtCheckers Industrial Safety Products, we see safety as an investment and not a cost, which is why we have become one of the largest manufacturers of quality wheel chocks in the world.

The major advantages to choosing polyurethane aviation wheel chocks over those made from wood include:

  • Polyurethane wheel chocks outperform and hold up better than wood wheel chocks.
  • While their initial cost is higher than wood, polyurethane wheel chocks are a much better value in the long term.
  • Polyurethane aviation wheel chocks are tested and approved for military use.
  • Unlike wood, polyurethane wheel chocks are resistant to fuels, oils, and lubricants.
  • Polyurethane wheel chocks require no maintenance or painting (wood chocks require regular painting).
  • Wood wheel chocks can crack, splinter, and rot, which can result in foreign object damage to aircraft and injury to personnel.
  • Wood wheel chocks exposed to wet conditions soak up water, which makes them heavy and hard to handle.
  • The structural integrity of wood wheel chocks can be compromised as a result of warping, rotting, or cracking. None of these are an issue with polyurethane wheel chocks.
  • The rope knot hole, rope exit hole and horizontal rope slots have a smooth radius edge that improves handling and eliminates sharp edges that could cut the user or abrade the rope.

Case Study – 121st Air Refueling Wing, Ohio National Guard:


Aviation Wheel Chocks: A short and long term cost comparison

The upfront cost of purchasing polyurethane aviation wheel chocks is approximately 2 to 2.5 times higher than the cost of wood chocks. While this is a sizable difference in the initial expense, wood wheel chocks actually end up costing much more when evaluated over the long term. Evidence of this fact was made apparent by one of our military customers at the Ohio Air National Guard who recently revealed, “We originally projected a 10-year time frame to realize a cost savings. At this time we will realize a cost savings on the initial purchase by the end of the fourth year.”

Costs Associated with Maintaining and Replacing Wood Wheel Chocks Maintaining wood chocks requires sanding and repainting on a regular basis. Costs associated with this maintenance include the purchase of sandpaper, paint, and supplies. In addition, the man-hours required to inspect, maintain, dispose of, and order replacement chocks is significant.

The 121st Air Refueling Wing (ARW) of the Ohio National Guard used both wood and polyurethane aviation wheel chocks side-by-side for ten years. The following statement quantitatively defines the conclusion they reached at the end of their evaluation:

“In summary, the 121st ARW spent a total of $25,715.24 to purchase, replace, and maintain their wood aviation wheel chocks in one decade. 121st ARW could have saved 26.7% or $6,879.05 by purchasing Checkers’ polyurethane aviation wheel chocks.”

Maintaining Polyurethane Wheel Chocks

When using polyurethane chocks, maintenance costs are virtually eliminated.

  • Polyurethane wheel chocks are engineered to stand up to heavy use and extreme weather conditions.
  • They are mold-resistant, and will not chip, splinter, or crack.
  • Their structural integrity is not affected by aircraft fluids, solvents, and oils.
  • Using polyurethane chocks requires no painting – the color is molded directly in to the chock.

Performance and Functionality


With military aircraft being mostly kept outside, it is imperative that equipment such as wheel chocks have the durability to hold up under extreme climate and working conditions. Polyurethane aviation wheel chocks are engineered to perform in all conditions – from freezing, sub-zero arctic temperatures to the intense, oppressive heat of the desert.

Wood wheel chocks can easily freeze to ramps, while polyurethane wheel chocks will not freeze or slip. Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks are available with optional anti-slip rubber bases for use on polished hangar floors and other locations where additional traction is needed.

Effects of Water on Wheel Chocks

When exposed to wet conditions, wood wheel chocks will absorb water and get much heavier. In fact, the weight of a waterlogged wheel chock will increase by as much as 70% . This added weight makes them much harder to lift and maneuver into position under a tire. In comparison, polyurethane wheel chocks are water-resistant and maintain their lighter weight and maneuverability in all weather conditions.

MSgt. Aaron Woodring of the Ohio National Guard recently put Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks to the test and reported, “I placed 40 of the wood chocks on the flight line at the same time as the polyurethane chocks. The wood chocks have been replaced twice and are in need of replacement now. The wood chocks become waterlogged and freeze to the ramp during extreme cold weather and are very heavy to move at other times. In the hangar where aircraft are washed, the wood chocks are replaced every six months due to the extreme weight from being waterlogged.”

High Visibility

Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks feature a high-visibility yellow color that is molded directly in to the chock and never needs painting. The color can be customized and imprinted with a company logo as well.

Safety Issues

Structural Integrity

The tendency of wood wheel chocks to warp, rot, crack, chip and splinter over time poses a significant safety risk for personnel and equipment. A rotted or cracked wood chock can damage expensive aircraft tires. Additionally, cracks or rot on wood chocks can reduce structural stability and pose a potential hazard to personnel and equipment. Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks are specifically engineered to be highly durable and will not warp, rot, crack, or splinter.

Foreign Object Damage

Wood aviation wheel chocks can easily splinter and crack. When this happens, it not only poses a safety risk to personnel, but can also result in foreign object damage (FOD) to expensive aircraft engines. Polyurethane wheel chocks effectively eliminate the risk of foreign object damage because they will not splinter or crack.

Military Use

Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks have been independently-tested and approved by the United States Military for use on military aircraft. Checkers was selected from 34 applicants by the United States Air Force for a two
year Small Business Innovative Research Project (SBIR) to develop, design and manufacture an improved wheel chock to replace the current wood chock.

This work was completed as a joint project with the Air Force Engineering Support Activity (ESA) responsible for the management of aviation wheel chocks, for both aircraft and ground support equipment. Checkers engineers provided the material and design expertise and partnered with Air Force engineers and active duty fight personnel to perform a rigorous array of performance tests. Checkers aviation wheel chocks met all the rigid requirements and were qualified for use by Air Force personnel.

For added safety, ANSI-compliant user guidelines are molded into each chock.

Commercial and Personal Use

Checkers makes polyurethane wheel chocks that are ideal for commercial, cargo, business and private aircraft use. Various sizes are available for use on small, mid-sized, large, and over sized aircraft.


Why Trust Checkers Industrial Safety Products?

Checkers manufactures durable polyurethane wheel chocks that stand up to the harshest conditions on the planet. They are specifically designed to perform in extremely wet, cold, and hot climates, and they offer significant advantages over traditional wood chocks. Not only do they stand up to everyday wear and tear better than wood chocks, they are also less expensive in the long run.

Choosing Checkers polyurethane aviation wheel chocks over wood is a cost-effective solution that should be seen as an investment in safety rather than a cost. While the initial capital outlay will be higher, within a few short years these wheel chocks will end up saving you money. Checkers continually strives to provide the highest quality safety
products to customers throughout the world, making them a trusted and respected leader in the safety industry.

Choosing the Right Cable Protector Color

In our last post we discussed 4 key questions to consider when purchasing cable protectors. While those will ensure the safety of your project, there is one more aspect that could actually play an Checkers offers many cable protector color combinationsinfluential role in the success of your project: How do you choose the right cable protector color? Start by asking the following:

  1. What color will improve the functionality of your project/event?

The colors of your cable protector can have a big impact on the type of cable protector that best suites your needs. If you are in the entertainment industry and are looking for cable protectors, the color becomes much more important. In this scenario you may require a darker, less noticeable cable protector to maintain the illusion of a production. In this case, our Guard Dog® in a Black Lid/Black Base color option would be more useful.

Venture outdoors to the carnival industry and brighter colors become more desirable for safety purposes. Something such as the Grip Guard® (Green Lid/Yellow Base) or Yellow Jacket® (Yellow Lid/Black Base) line of cable protectors are more standard for such events.

Colors might even impact the safety of its users. Our Linebacker® heavy duty cable protectors, for instance, are popular in the Oil and Gas industry, as they tend to highlight the visibility of the product.

Also, we can customize colors to your meet your needs and provide custom logos.

Our main concern is making sure you receive the safest product for your needs. We have a variety of products to best suit your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

4 Questions to Consider When Buying Cable Protectors

In the coming months, we will be releasing a variety of posts that will help determine the best use of our safety products for various industries and specific applications. Here we provide a generalBuying cable protectors is easy at Checkers overview to better determine the type of cable protector that suits your needs and help you with buying cable protectors.

First, it is important to consider a product’s primary function. The sole purpose of a cable protector is to provide a safe crossing for vehicles and/or pedestrians for a wide variety of environments, including heavy industrial such as mining or construction, an entertainment venue, or an office to name a few. Some questions to consider include:

  1. How many cables do you need to cover?
  2. What is the outside diameter of these cables?

The answers to these two questions offer a great start. This will narrow down the number of channels and channel sizes that will best suite your needs. For instance, you may need something as simple as a Fastlane 1 channel drop over cable protector for cables 1.5″ or less. The Fastlane® is most commonly used for pedestrian traffic in hospitals, churches, and small events. On the other hand, you may need a Linebacker® 5-channel heavy duty cable protector for cables 1.3″ or less. The Linebacker® brand is frequently used for vehicle and pedestrian traffic in oil drilling and military applications. Now that all your exposed cables are covered, consider this next set of questions.

As a quick tidbit, many people would assume that as the number of channels decreases so does the size of the cable protector. In reality that is actually the opposite in most cases. As a general rule when the number of channels on the cable protector decreases, the channel height increases.

  1. What kind of traffic will be crossing over these cables?
  2. Do you need to consider the connector style for compatibility reasons?

You will need to consider different brands of cable protection for regular foot traffic as opposed to heavy vehicle traffic. The key focus here is to determine the load bearing capacity per axle or weight per tire. Different brands are built to meet the needs of a variety of load capacities. It is important to determine the critical differences between a cable protector for general and heavy-duty purposes.

Another important factor to consider is the connector style. Checkers‘ branded line of cable protectors offers three different connector types such as T-Connector®, Dog Bone Connector®, and Gripper Connector®. You want to make sure that the connector is compatible with your needs, as this can also impact the load bearing capacity.

Safety is no longer an issue once the proper number of channels, the load bearing capacity, and the connector style are determined. However, there is one more concern that may seem trivial but can make a big difference on your project. We’ll save that for another post, so stay tuned.

Our main concern is making sure you receive the safest product for your needs. We have a variety of products to best suit your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

5 Things to Consider When Buying Wheel Chocks

Various combinations of conditions determine how effectively your wheel chocks will perform. Just because you tested your mining vehicle on a certain surface, at a certain grade, under certain Buying wheel chocks? Use Checkers!weather conditions does not mean your wheel chocks will properly secure that vehicle at a steeper grade, or even in a colder (or warmer) climate. Complete and thorough testing must be done at each location of your job site to ensure that your specific wheel chocks will meet your site’s chocking requirements. Many factors must be evaluated before buying wheel chocks. Here are a few key variables to consider when determining the wheel chock performance required for your needs:

  1. Gross Vehicle Weight & Tire Diameter (See Checkers Wheel Chock Selection Guide)
  2. Level or grade of the ground surface
  3. Radial tires Bias Ply Tires (Radial tires by design deflect more than a bias-ply tire. This flexibility provides a smooth ride but also allows the tire to wrap around the wheel chock, thus reducing the chock’s effectiveness)
  4. Varying tire pressures that naturally occur with changes in the environment
  5. Condition of ground surface (i.e. firm, soft, wet, dry, icy, and frozen)
  6. Safety Bonus: Ongoing Equipment Maintenance:

Fortunately, our wheel chocks require little to no maintenance. However, it is important to visually inspect your chocks for cracking, chipping or other deteriorations on a regular basis. Any sign of deterioration requires immediate replacement.

Workplace Safety Wheel Chocks

Whether you have a mining business, a construction company, or other industrial business, you’re probably familiar with workplace wheel chocks and the importance of having them on site. Wheel chocks are designed to prevent stationary vehicles from shifting or moving when they are not in use. They also help prevent accidents on site and help with employee safety.

Proper Use
Wheel chocks must be secured properly to keep trucks and other vehicles from moving, especially on a grade. For vehicles that sit on level ground, the chocks should be placed on both sides of tires. For downhill grades, chocks should be placed on the front sides of the tires and for uphill grades; chocks should be placed outside of the rear wheels.

Workplace wheel chocks for aviation applications checkers-heavy-duty-wheel-chocks checkers-urethane-wheel-chocks

Types of Wheel Chocks

Checkers provides a variety of wheel chocks for different industries, which include:

Heavy Duty wheel chocks are designed for heavy equipment, haul trucks, cranes, loaders, underground mining vehicles, fire engines as well as large military tactical vehicles. These chocks are durable and lightweight due to their innovative urethane construction.

General Purpose wheel chocks are ideal for over the road trucks, trailers, utility vehicles and pick-ups. They come in a variety of sizes, but they are all industrial grade.

Our aviation wheel chocks won’t splinter or crack, eliminate maintenance cost, and are made of durable urethane, which is lightweight and easy to use. We provide chocks for most sizes and styles of aircraft.

Rubber aviation wheel chocks are durable and made of 100% recycled rubber. Additionally, the design allows for the either side of the chock to be placed against the tire and will fit the needs of a variety of aircraft.

Because we own all of our injection molding equipment and have perfected our practices over the years, we can also make custom made workplace wheel chocks made with your company logo and colors.

Keeping the right Checkers wheel chocks on your job sites will help you maintain a safe workplace and give peace of mind to your employees. To view more industrial safety products and find a distributor in your area, visit our wheel chock products section.