Sequential Barricade Lights: Saving Lives and Money

Monster Sequential Barricade LightOur new sequential barricade lights, powered by pi-Lit, represent a large step forward for the traffic and road construction safety industries. These high-quality warning lights are designed to flash in one of their several pre-programed patterns. They are formulated to better warn drivers about impending road hazards. Where the traditional barricade light functions as a good “heads up” warning, a sequential barricade light can actually indicate directionality. This is crucial when lane closures and re-routing traffic is involved.

Sequential barricade lights improve speed limit compliance

However, the important questions still remains: does it actually work? According to the University of Missouri-Columbia, it does. In 2011, the University conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of sequential barricade lights. Among other factors, the research team measured speed limit compliance when sequential lights were present. The study found that compliance rose from 71.4% with no lights present, to 78.1% when sequential lights were in place. This was especially true, the researchers noted, in urban environments, where the compliance rose from 78.4% to 88.8%. While compliance rose in rural environments as well, it was not nearly as substantial.

Traffic merges sooner when sequential barricade lights are in place

The team also discovered that when sequential signals were in place, traffic merged much sooner than when the lights were absent. This was especially true in the case of large trucks. The study indicated that all vehicles merged an average of 20 feet sooner when sequential lights were present, and truck drivers merged 49 feet sooner. This data point speaks to the sequential barricade light’s superior ability to indicate directionality, which is important to merging lanes successfully. The team also discovered that when sequential signals were in place, traffic merged much sooner than when the lights were absent. This was especially true in the case of large trucks. The study indicated that all vehicles merged an average of 20 feet sooner when sequential lights were present, and truck drivers merged 49 feet sooner. This data point speaks to the sequential barricade light’s superior ability to indicate directionality, which is important to merging lanes successfully.

Sequential barricade lights create tangible savings

In this specific study, the researchers concluded that the total benefits of using sequential warning signals came to $3.65 million. The total cost fell somewhere between $341,580 and $705,008 (depending on labor costs). These figures place the ratio somewhere between 5:1 and 10:1. The data is clear: not only does sequential technology improve safety conditions for drivers and employees, but it also has a huge impact on the bottom line. To read the full study, click here.

Sequential barricade lights in use on a road construction site


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First Look: Firefly Illuminated Cable Protector

With the newest addition to our cable protector family, the Firefly Illuminated Cable Protector, Checkers continues to bring innovation to the cable protection market. Illumination is the name of the game with the Firefly, as this unique cable protector features battery powered LED lights, available in either red or blue, molded into its all-weather polyurethane side ramps. The colorful lids, available in green, blue, yellow, and orange, are not only pleasing to the eye, but are also designed to be visible in low-light conditions.

We’ve redesigned the Firefly with connectivity as a goal, utilizing our signature Dog-Bone Connectors to ensure that the Firefly is compatible with Yellow Jacket or Guard Dog cable protectors.

Lightweight and easily transportable, the Firefly is manufactured with the entertainment industry in mind. This illuminated cable protector eliminates the tripping hazards of traditional, non-lit cable protectors backstage of a concert venue or on a darkened film set.The new Firefly Illuminated Cable Protector, from Checkers

To view our Firefly brochure, click here.

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First Look: GeoGrid Cellular Paving System

Here at Checkers, we’re always eager to show off our innovative products. As our ground protection line has grown, we’ve added a few new products to the Checker’s family. Don’t miss your chance to get a first look at one of Checkers’ newest products: the GeoGrid Cellular Paving System.

The GeoGrid Cellular Paving System is a unique patented product, built for efficient ground reinforcement and stabilization. Its dynamic capabilities include heavy load capacity and all-weather endurance. Manufactured with the highest quality, the GeoGrid is versatile and is ideal for parkways/driveways, pedestrian walkways, event arenas, and more.

The system’s grid design effectively allows for the dispersion of excess rain or flood water, which makes it optimal for integration with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

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The new GeoGrid from Checkers


New Wing Whip from Checkers Reduces Airplane Wing Damage

Today, many commercial airlines are adding the split scimitar winglets onto wingtips of their aircraft. This new addition to the wingtip reduces drag as well as fuel consumption.  There are countless benefits to retrofitting aircraft wingtip with a split scimitar winglet but this addition creates a potential obstacle with the ground crews. The new winglet that is down turned toward the tarmac has been hit by baggage carts and other ground vehicles, causing airplane wing damage. Any damage to the wing tip will render the aircraft unserviceable and require hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs.  New Wing Whip from Checkers Reduces Airplane Wing Damage

Checkers Industrial Safety Products proudly introduces the most effective product to defend against damage to the split scimitar winglets. The “Wing Whip” is designed to be placed under the wing tip and the 2 reflective flags will sit at eye level for the vehicle operators and prevent any collisions with the wing.  

For maximum visibility, Checkers recommends 2 “Wing Whips” under each wing.

See the new wing whip product here.

Download a PDF of the Wing Whip flyer here.


Portable Battery Charging Units Key to Safety in Extreme, Inclement Weather

“Even residents of Canada and in many parts of the Northern U.S., who generally are used to winter conditions, have been hard hit these last several months,” says Ray Torres, President, and CEO of Colorado-based Checkers Industrial Safety Products. “People have become increasingly aware of keeping an emergency kit in their car including portable battery charging units.”

According to Torres, Checkers has recently released a white paper detailing the considerations consumers should analyze before selecting portable battery charging units for personal use. Those things which should be taken into account, according to the paper, include the size of the device, its ability to power multiple devices if needed, how quickly the unit can be charged or recharged, and how easy it is to utilize.

“If a charger is large or heavy, most people simply won’t carry it with them,” he says. “Finding a unit that can fit easily under the seat, in the glove box, or even in a purse where a person can access and confidently use it is extremely important.”

Although not mentioned in the white paper available to download below, Torres says that Checkers Industrial Safety Products has recently introduced a new product to their line-up, called the JUMP N’ GO. Measuring just 6.125″ x 3″ x 1.125″, this compact power charger is strong enough to charge the battery of V-8 trucks as well as boat, motorcycle, and ATV batteries. It can jump start up to 12 vehicles on a single charge, while also having the capability to charge mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.

Additional information about the Jump n’ Go, can be located on the company’s website

Checkers Industrial Introduces: Gorilla® All Purpose Waterproof Warning Whip Sets the New Standard for Weather Resistance

Checkers Industrial Safety Products announced the immediate availability of their new GORILLA® All Purpose Waterproof Warning Whips with stainless steel components. Featuring a multitude of patent-pending features, the Gorilla whip is built from heavy duty materials that make it ideal for extreme weather conditions such as coastal areas, corrosive environments, salt mines, and areas with high humidity.

“Moisture has always been the most challenging factor in whip light performance,” said Jesica Bailey, Director of Sales and Marketing for Checkers Industrial Safety Products. “Every component of a GORILLA®All Purpose Lighted Whip is built to eliminate the harmful effects of moisture. These whips have been tested repeatedly in extremely challenging weather conditions, and they have consistently performed at a superior level time and time again.”

GORILLA® All Purpose Warning Whips include a two-conductor waterproof hot plug with 12″ pigtail, heavy duty Day Bright fluorescent nylon mesh flag (with or without 3M® Scotchlite® reflective X), a new Rocket II Super Bright Waterproof LED light, and a stainless steel threaded hex base. According to Bailey, “Rocket II Super Bright Lights are up to 10 times brighter than other brands and come standard with 9 changeable light modes, 7 flash patterns, and steady on or off, making them the perfect ‘one light fits all’ solution.”

Additional features of GORILLA® All Purpose Lighted Whips include a new patent-pending waterproof LED light base that replaces the old 1156 bulb and lamp socket, the industry’s strongest fiberglass resin whip, a patent-pending internal ground connection that helps eliminate power failures, and an industrial grade internal wire that meets Military Spec MIL-W-16878. The lights are offered in five different colors, and an optional remote control to change flash patterns is also available.

Checkers Introduces Grip Guard ® – the World’s Lightest 5-Channel Cable Protector

Checkers Industrial Safety Products announced the immediate availability of their new lightweight Grip Guard ® 5-Channel Cable Protectors with patent-pending Gripper® Connectors. At an easy-to-handle weight of only 12.75 lbs, Grip Guard ® is up to 60% lighter than other polyurethane 5-channel cable protectors, and up to 75% lighter than the rubber 5-channel cable protectors without compromising strength or durability. This lightweight design makes Grip Guard® ideal for public entertainment events, light commercial and utility applications.

One of the unique features of Grip Guard ® is its Gripper® Connectors, which are ergonomically designed to fit your hand. This allows for easier transport and placement of cable protectors at job sites. Gripper® Connectors create a modular system that allows users to easily lock multiple cable protectors together for any desired length.

“This lightweight design makes setting up a run of cable protectors a lot easier for workers,” said Jesica Bailey, Product Manager and employed by Checkers Industrial Safety Products for nearly 8 years. According to Bailey, “There are many applications where cable protection is needed but the traffic does not require the use of a heavy duty protector. Grip Guard® is a perfect solution that expedites setup and provides a safe crossing for pedestrians and vehicles while protecting cables.”

Additional features of Grip Guard® Cable Protectors include a Snap Fitâ„¢ hinged lid, five individual channels for cables and hoses up to 1.25″ outside diameter, a patented 5-Bar tread pattern for maximum traction, and a recessed carrying handle. Grip Guard® Cable Protectors are made from maintenance free, high impact absorbing, non-conductive polyurethane that is resistant to oil, fuels, and lubricants.

The safety of people and property is the number one priority at Checkers. The Yellow Jacket brand pioneered the cable protector industry with the debut of the first 5-channel model at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics. Checkers now manufactures the industry’s six most popular brands and has grown to become the world’s most trusted manufacturer of cable and hose protection systems.

New Products Available! Monster® Wheel Chocks, and Guard Dog® and Yellow Jacket® 5-Channel ADA Cable Protectors

Checkers introduces new products, in our all in one 5 channel Guard Dog® & Yellow Jacket® ADA cable protectors and also new lighter weight MC3011 Monster® Wheel Chocks.  These new innovative products continue to expand our product offering and meet the evolving needs that our customers are looking for.

The new Guard Dog® and Yellow Jacket® 5-Channel ADA cable protectors have built-in ADA ramps to provide a safe crossing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic while protecting valuable electrical cables and hose lines.  Because these ramps are built-in, there is no need for separate connectors.

Another unique feature of this product is that it interconnects directly to 5-channel standard ramp Guard Dog or Yellow Jacket cable protector.  These are ideal for use in amusement parks, entertainment venues, sporting events and most public, commercial and industrial applications.

The new MC3011 Monster® wheel chock is designed to hold the largest haul trucks in the world and now is 24% lighter.  With the same holding power as the MC1911 and a 10 lb. weight reduction, this chock weighs only 32 lbs. (14.5 kg).

For mine haul trucks with tire sizes up to 165 in. (419.1cm) diameter and gross operating weight up to 1,600,000 lb. (725,748 kg).  A minimum of four 3011 wheel chocks must be used for gross vehicle operating weights from 855,000 – 1,600,000 lb.  Maximum load capacity is 400 tons.  The #1 selling wheel chocks in the mining industry.