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Last year, Superior Manufacturing Group and AlturnaMATS joined the Checkers family. SMG is recognized throughout the industry as the manufacturer of NoTrax®, the premier professional matting solution. AlturnaMATS® is an industry leader in the ground protection arena, manufacturing the AlturnaMAT® and the VersaMAT®, two products known for their quality and durability. By bringing these industry leaders into the Checkers family, we here at Checkers can ensure you that whether you need mats to protect the floors of your business, or the turf of a client, we have you covered.

Indoor MatsUptown/Boulevard – The entrance to your business can create a lasting first impression; do you want that to be a soggy door mat surrounded by slippery floors and yellow cautions signs? Our Uptown and Boulevard mats are two unique products designed to work in tandem to give your business a professional look without sacrificing the high performance water retention and scraping properties our mats are known for. Boulevard is designed with a high-low wave pattern for maximum scraping efficiency, while Uptown completes the process by drying shoes and retaining the moisture and debris.
Outdoor Mat

Rubber Brush – These mats are constructed with tough SBR rubber, giving them the ability to remain supple in extremely cold conditions. Thousands of rugged, flexible rubber fingers sweep shoes clean, while the suction cups on the underside of the mat minimize shifting. A molded beveled edge around the perimeter of the Rubber Brush mat traps moisture, preventing it from leaking out the sides. This mat is a perfect year round solution to keep dirt and debris where it belongs: outside.

Ground Protection Mat
AlturnaMAT – When traction is a necessity, look no further than AlturnaMATS. These rugged ground protectors are made of 1/2″ thick polyethylene and offer far more durability than plywood. Bold cleat traction patterns keep vehicles moving even in thick mud or snow. With a load capacity of 120-tons, heavy vehicle traffic is no problem for an AlturnaMAT. You’ll simply never get stuck again. If sensitive turf is an issue, AlturnaMATS are great for keeping looking fresh and soft.
If portability is key, try TRAKMAT. Offering a lighter alternative to the AlturnaMAT, the TRAKMAT features the same rugged traction and flexibility, but weighs in nearly ten pounds lighter. Built in handholds combined with its light weight make it easy to transport and deploy, and individual sheets can be connected to form a continuous roadway, walkway, or work platform.

For more information on these products, as well as other fantastic matting solutions, click here for our promotional brochure!

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Avoid the Slip and Slide: Winter Floor Mats

The last minute shopper, frantically dashing through the store aisles at 8 pm on December 24th, searching high and low for gifts and piling them into a cart. We’ve all seen this person in past holiday seasons; perhaps some of us have even been this person. However, last minute shopping is a surprisingly common phenomenon. With survey data from the 2014 holiday season, the National Retail Federation indicates while over 40% of adults begin their shopping in November, barely over 20% of adults have completed their shopping by December, and as many as 67% of adults expect to purchase gifts as late as December 18th. For business owners, Black Friday doesn’t signal the end of the holiday rush, but rather the beginning. As the throngs of holiday shoppers descend on retail outlets of all types, they track debris, snow, and water across previously pristine floors. In order to prevent floors from becoming dirty or slick, a business owner must take a proactive approach, and that starts at the entrance, with winter floor mats.

Superior Manufacturing, one of the recent additions to our Checkers family, is a pioneer in the manufacturing of high quality, performance floor matting. The matting options we now offer are the perfect solutions to keep floors clean and dry, and storefronts appealing.

Here are three mats that every business owner needs to combat winter elements:

Ridge Scraper â€“ Preventing dirty floors has to start where the dirt originates: outside. Our Ridge Scraper outdoor matting is made from durable rubber and designed to hold up Winter Floor Mats: Ridge Scraperagainst the elements. The high-low traction pattern scrapes dirt and debris from shoes, keeping it outside where it belongs.

To read more details on the Ridge Scraper matting, click here.

Arrow Trax – This interior mat is designed with water retention in mind, and a 3’X4’ mat can retain up to one gallon of water. That can be a little hard to Winter Floor Mats: Arrow Traxvisualize, and words really don’t do this exciting product justice. To understand the effectiveness of this high performance mat, one must see it in action.

To read more details on the Arrow Trax matting, click here.

Uptown/Boulevard – The entrance to your business can create a lasting first impression; do you want that to be a soggy door mat surrounded by slippery Winter Floor Mats: Uptown
floors and yellow cautions signs? Why not consider our Uptown and Boulevard mats, two products designed to work in tandem to give your business a professional look without sacrificing the high performance water retention and scraping properties our mats are known for. Boulevard is designed with a high-low wave pattern for maximum scraping efficiency, while Uptown completes the process by drying shoes and retaining the moisture and debris.

To read more details on the Boulevard matting, click here.

To read more details on the Uptown matting, click here.

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MAT-PAK: Now offered with new mats!

Outdoor jobs are tough, we get it. So we’ve created a system to make things more convenient for you. Don’t wait too long for this one: take advantage of our all-in-one MAT-PAK system, now offered with Zigma® and AlturnaMATS® ground protection products.

What’s the advantage? Our AlturnaMATS® and Zigma® brands produce safe and efficient ground solutions for industries where outdoor work is primary. Our mats are virtually the best of both worlds. While providing traction for vehicles in mud or sand, they are also damage resistant, leaving lawn and landscaped areas safe and secure. Ideal for landscaping, tree care, and cemetery contractors, our brands’ versatility also extends to other areas of work. Manufactured with the highest quality, AlturnaMATS® and Zigma® mats are highly weather resistant. With all said and done, this handy system is an effective way to transport and store your mats all at once.

What’s included?You can get a Mat-Pak with new mats!

  • 12 Mats of your choice
  • 1 Metal Storage, Skid Rack
  • 20 Single Turn-a-links (For AlturnaMATS only)
  • 2 Handi-hooks (For AlturnaMATS only)
  • 2 Ratchet Straps (For AlturnaMATS only)
  • Standard connection methods (For Zigma only)

Find the right mat for your job! To view our offering of mats and specifications:




TuffTrak One

TuffTrak Lite

TruffTrak XL


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It’s That Time of Year Again — 3 Products You Need This Winter!

With winter storms on its way to many areas this season, drivers are in full preparation of what may come this winter. It’s an annual routine: Get new tires, get your brakes checked, and ensuring that everything is working properly. You may have even stocked your car with safety kits and tools – just in case.

But it may not be that simple. Drivers can get stranded in wintry places not necessarily ideal. In many cases, stranded drivers are commercial truck drivers in isolated areas where few vehicles pass. Even in areas with busier traffic, storms with heavy snowfall and blustering high winds can make it difficult for drivers to see each other. Nevertheless, severe winter weather poses high risks to drivers nationwide.

The most efficient way to prepare to actually BE PREPARED! Here are 3 products you need this winter:3 Products You Need This Winter from Checkers!

LED Flare Kit: Designed specifically for emergencies. Comes as an all-in-one kit with charging station included. LED flare kits provide substantial light in severe weather conditions when vision can be impaired. LED flare automatically starts once removed from charging.

See the product here: https://www.checkersindustrial.com/products/led-flare-kit/led-flare-kit/

Emergency Power Charger Kit: Great resource for all drivers as its capabilities are versatile. Strong enough to start V-8 trucks, cars, ATVs, Motorcycles, and boats. Built-in LED flashlight included.

See the product here: https://www.checkersindustrial.com/products/emergency-power-charger/checkers-compact-power-charger/

Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks: Ideal for commercial, pick-up, and utility vehicles. Manufactured with urethane for maximum durability and lightweight use. These wheel chocks provide substantial support for large vehicles in all environments. Oil, Chemical, and weather resistant, these wheel chocks are perfect for a
safe winter.

See the product here: https://www.checkersindustrial.com/product-category/wheel-chocks/heavy-duty-wheel-chocks/


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Take action now: Protect your assets during hurricane and flood season with Checkers Industrial Safety Products

With every hurricane, storm, and severe weather warning, the best method of risk assessment is to be PREPARED. According to the National Hurricane Center, storm trackers on land cannot predict oncoming storms well enough to warn people and businesses of what may come. Without close caution, the economic expense for businesses and cities become extraordinarily high as more communities deal with clean up and loss of property.

Checkers Industrial Safety Products can help provide an effective approach to securing both personal and commercial assets. In addition, the capability of our heavy duty products can supply communities with the innovative tools before a storm hits and after, assisting in the cleanup.

Our ground protection products are comprehensive tools for natural disasters like Hurricane Joaquin:

Ground Protection Mats

  • Provides stable driving/walking surface
  • Allows vehicles to access and navigate muddy, normally inaccessible areas
  • Minimizes vehicle impact on ground and environment

Cable & Hose Protection

  • Variety of styles and sizes to choose fromHurricane Blog Post Pic
  • Fast setup and transport
  • Durable polyurethane construction
  • For pedestrian traffic and work vehicles
  • High load-bearing capacity

Wheel Chocks

  • Designed for a variety of applications
  • Lightweight urethane construction
  • Ideal for trucks, trailers, emergency service, and utility vehicles

HEAVY DUTY Wheel Chocks

  • Perfect for industrial applications
  • Aluminum cleats or rubber pads on bottom
  • Ideal for heavy equipment, trucks, and firefighting vehicles

Industrial Lights

  • 30% more light output than competing brands
  • Built with heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polycarbonate and polypropylene for extreme conditions
  • Available in both electrical powered and solar powered models

Checkers is currently giving priority orders servicing relief efforts. Don’t wait until disaster strikes!

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Learn more about Hurricane Joaquin here:

Product Promotion: Compact Power Charger

Checkers is running a special promotion on our new Compact Power Charger!  Now through March 30th, end-user pricing is just $99.96. That is down from the $140 regular price! With the power charger, you’ll never get stuck with a dead battery again! Contact us for your special distributor pricing!

The Compact Power Charger features:

  • Ability to jump start up to 12 vehicles
  • A built-in LED flashlight
  • Can charge laptops, mobile devices, tablets, or other electronic devices (even charge multiple devices at once!)

For more information on the power charger, click here.  See the original promotion flyer here.

Compact Power Charger from Checkers Compact Power Charger accessories


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