Checkers’ Haiti Mission 2017

Our annual Haiti mission is approaching once again

Checkers' Haiti Mission in partnership with COCINAEvery year, Checkers partners with COCINA, the Coalition of Children in Need Association, for a Haiti mission to send a team of Checkers employees for a week of volunteering. This amazing opportunity allows the Checkers team to expand our perspectives while honoring our core values and reaffirming our commitment to the global community. However, we can’t do it alone. We are currently accepting donations for this wonderful cause, and we hope you will consider giving.

The trips in the past two years have been deeply fulfilling experiences and we expect this year to be no different. The volunteering team will consist of employees from all levels of the company and will engage in a variety of outreach efforts to help Institute Univers, a Haitian school in Ouanaminthe, and the local community. Included in these efforts will be the assembly and distribution of water filtration systems, the construction of a wall around the school (for the security and safety of the students), repainting areas of the school, and teaching basic English lessons to the students.

Honoring our core values

Checkers is committed to a set of values, including people, integrity, learning, laughter, accountability, respect, and safety. We honor the values of people, learning, and laughter with our mission trip. Hoping that our team learns as much from the wonderful Haitian children as they learn from us, and by laughing with them, it will help us all grow as people. And of course, we hope that bonds grow between the team, leading to a better understanding of each other outside of our roles within the company.

Dedicated to the global community

We here at Checkers believe that our community is global in scope, a belief that has only been cemented by our transformation from the United States-focused Checkers Industrial Safety Products to the globally-focused Checkers Safety Group. It is important now more than ever to remember our place within the greater global community and today, we’d like to invite you to start your week on a positive note: by donating to our volunteer efforts and helping those in need. We are raising money to help Insitute Univers and the Ounaminthe community and we need all the help we can get. The water pump we distribute costs $32 per unit and can last 10 years. For $32 you could change a Haitian family’s life.

Checkers Partners with Pi Variables!

We are excited to announce a new partnership, with Pi Variables! Established in 2012, Pi Variables Inc. has become an industry leader in the manufacturing of high quality, remote controlled sequential lighting products for traffic safety applications. A family-owned and operated business, Pi Variables has grown into a giant within the traffic safety market, offering reliability and features unavailable from the competition. As a pioneer in sequential LED lights, Pi Variables, Inc. holds operations in the United States and sells sequential technology globally under its Pi-Lit® brand name.

“Pi-Lit® is looking forward to the future and what the partnership with Checkers Safety Group will bring. Until now we have been limited in our ability to sell and spread the word of our ground-breaking technology. With the help of Checkers’ sales team and global distribution network, we will be able to reach and expand into markets not previously possible,” said Daniel Selevan, Vice President of Pi Variables, Inc. “We are excited to be a part of Checkers’ Monster Motion Safety brand family.”

Checkers is committed to growth while providing the best safety solutions to customers. This partnership brings the Pi-Lit® Sequential Barricade Light, the Pi-Lit® “Ice Cream Sandwich” Sequential LED Road Flares, and the Pi-Lit® “Sunflower” Sequential Cone-Top Warning Lamp into the Checkers family. These premium products will fall under Checkers’ Monster Motion Safety brand and complement the growing Traffic & Parking Lot safety line of products. The combined product offering now includes sequential, battery operated, and solar powered light options.

“We are really excited to partner with Jim Selevan and Pi-Lit®. The sequential Pi-Lit® technology further enhances our barricade light product offering and provides a new innovative feature to our Monster Motion series products. The sequential barricade light, the Pi-Lit® Cone Top (Sunflower) light and the Sequential flares offer unique features that most competitive brands do not possess,” commented Steve Gottlieb, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Pi Variables, Inc. will continue operations out of their facilities in California under the guidance of Jim Selevan, President.

See our full line of Pi-Lit products here.

To read the full press release, click here. To download a digital version, click here.

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Checkers Safety Group | ATSSA Traffic Expo 2017

Checkers Safety Group will be exhibiting at this year’s anCheckers exhibiting at ATSSA Traffic Expo 2017nual ATSSA Traffic Expo from February 10th – 14th in Phoenix, AZ. ATSSA is the premier road safety event in America. It’s always a great opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the traffic safety industry. You can find us at booth #312, where we’ll be displaying our newest product, the sequential barricade light.

Monster sequential barricade lights on display

This exciting product is the result of our recent partnership with Pi Variables, and we can’t wait for you all to see it. These innovative barricade lights utilize a radio frequency to communicate with one another, allowing them to guide traffic more effectively than conventional barricade lights. To learn more about these great sequential lights, and our new partnership with Pi Variables, click here.Monster sequential barricade light

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Our Blog Recognized!

It’s always exciting to receive opportunities to spread our message of safety, and our friends at 2wayRadionline have given us this Checkers blog recognized as a top health and safety blogopportunity by recognizing this blog on their list of the Top 72 Health and Safety Blogs! 2wayRadionline, based in the UK, is a leading retailer of two-way radios and radio accessories. As our Monster Motion Safety team reminded us last week in this blog post, communication is critical to occupational safety, and two-way radios are an integral part of that communication.

Proud to be a thought leader

For our part, we are proud to have our blog recognized as a leading voice in the safety industry, and we look forward to continuing to serve a wide variety of industries with innovative, cutting edge safety solutions. When NoTrax joined the Checkers family last year, it allowed us to expand outside the industrial space where we have traditionally operated, to serve a more diverse range of industries, including janitorial & sanitation, and hospitality, a far cry from the mining industry where Checkers was born.

Great content from our brand blogs

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind loyal readers of the Checkers Blog to check out the web sites and blogs for our brands, NoTrax, TuffTrak, Monster, and Linebacker. Since we now offer such a broad spectrum of safety solutions, each site and blog speaks to different industries and products. Mining news and updates will be found on the Monster site, while NoTrax will feature stories that relate more to janitorial & sanitation, as well as the other many industries where our mats for professional use are utilized.

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Checkers Safety Group | MINExpo 2016

Checkers Safety Group will be exhibiting at MINExpo from September 26th-28th in Las Vegas, Nevada. We here at Checkers are extremely excited about this show, as it only happens once every MINExpo2016four years, and is a tremendous opportunity to showcase our top of the line safety products in front of an international audience of mining professionals. This year, MINExpo will feature over 16,000 companies exhibiting in 12 different halls, making it the largest mining show in the world. Products from our Linebacker, Monster, and TuffTrak brands will be on display, including our heavy duty access mats.

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Boldly Going Where No Cable Protectors Have Gone Before

A few days ago, the world was treated to the first in-orbit images from NASA’s Juno mission. The picture, which can be seen on the right, shows three of the four Galilean moons orbiting the
NASA uses Checkers cable protectors for Juno probe construction gas giant. The primary goal of the Juno spacecraft is to understand the evolution as well as the origin of Jupiter, which is largely shrouded in both gas and mystery. The mission will map Jupiter’s magnetic field, as well as collect readings on the planet’s complex atmosphere. While high-res images are not expected for several more weeks, this preliminary snapshot gives us plenty to be excited about. The knowledge we gain from the Juno mission will help us to better understand our solar system and similar solar systems in other parts of our galaxy.

Yellow Jacket Series cable protectors in use at NASA


To understand the Checkers connection, we need to rewind a few years, to the construction of the Juno spacecraft. Observe the image on the left, of the Juno clean room. If you look closely, you’ll see a run of cables protected by our Linebacker Yellow Jacket Series of cable protectors. The signature black and yellow coloring gives it away, as well as our popular “Dog Bone” connectors, featured on the majority of our cable protectors. It’s exciting to see our products playing a role in such a historic scientific event, and we are very proud that NASA trusts our cable protectors to keep both their scientists and equipment safe. While protecting employees is always the priority, protecting equipment can be especially important when dealing with expensive and delicate items such as spacecraft. Our Yellow Jacket Series of cable protectors are always up for the job, featuring a durable high-density polyethylene construction, and a rugged traction pattern to avoid slips, trips, and falls.

Learn more about our Linebacker Yellow Jacket Series here!

Learn more about the Juno Mission here!

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Product Spotlight: Cyclone Whip

Monster cyclone whipWhile our standard All-Purpose Whips are not lacking for brightness, sometimes a little extra visibility can go a long way. That’s where our Cyclone Whip comes in. This unique whip is made from the same high strength resin as our standard whips, but features an LED strip that is wrapped around the pole and covered with clear heat shrink to prevent water damage to the LEDs. A typical whip only features a light at the top, but the Cyclone’s additional LEDs light it up with a brilliance that makes it impossible to miss. When night falls, the Cyclone is transformed from a highly visible rod to a thick beam of light, as demonstrated by the photo on the right. In early tests we actually had tone down the brightness of the LEDs, as the light was blinding drivers who looked in the rear-view mirror, speaking to the extreme visibility of this whip. Several LED colors are available of course; white, amber, and blue LEDs are all available to light up your job site. To view the specs for the Cyclone Whip, click here.

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Runway Run Away

LCheckers urethane aviation chocksast week, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau released a report detailing the March 31 incident when a Malaysia Airlines A330 collided with an aerobridge at Melbourne Airport. The report found that the collision was caused by a miscommunication between the pilot and the ground crews, in which the parking brake was released after the wheel chocks had been removed. During the inspection, the captain engaged the parking brake, at which point the ground crews removed the chocks. However, after the inspection the pilot disengaged the parking break, believing the chocks were still in place. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident, but repairs to both the plane and the aerobridge were necessary and no doubt costly. This unfortunate incident highlights two of the most important aspects of occupational safety: procedure and communication. Had the captain and the ground crews communicated more clearly and directly, the whole situation could have been avoided. Likewise, if proper procedure had been followed, the damages could have been prevented. Situations like these are the reason many of our chocks feature molded-in ANSI Z535.4 compliant guidelines: we understand how important it is to be able to reference correct procedure and follow it. When the guidelines are molded into the chock, it eliminates any doubt as to whether the procedure is being followed, and helps professionals in various industries do their jobs with complete confidence in their job site safety. Additionally, we offer a free wheel chock user guide, with helpful guidelines and diagrams explaining and demonstrating proper chocking procedures to maximize safety. A PDF version is available for download here.

When it comes to our aviation chocks, in particular, a major reason to choose Monster is the light weight of our urethane models. Rubber and metal chocks are much heavier and harder to transport, making the nuance of their positioning harder to achieve. Our models are easy to move and position, without sacrificing the strength necessary to get the job done. The A330, the model of aircraft involved in the Melbourne Airport collision, has a maximum takeoff weight of 242 metric tonnes. This aircraft could be safely chocked with our AC6800 Series Chocks, the heaviest of which weighs less than 20 lbs.! Don’t skimp on safety when it comes to chocking large vehicles; as we’ve seen in Melbourne, a small mistake can turn into a costly crash.

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Checkers is Rebranding!

Checkers is rebranding to feature a power brand structureAs those who have visited our website in the past few days have no doubt noticed, Checkers is rebranding! It all starts at the top of the page with our new, sleek logo and name: Checkers Safety Group. In 2015, we acquired seven different companies, all bringing different safety solutions to the marketplace, and as such, the “industrial safety products” portion of our name had to be altered. “Safety Group” emphasizes our mission: to provide revolutionary product designs and visionary safety solutions that protect people, assets, and the environment. The change from our yellow logo to our new green one symbolizes our commitment to sustainability, focus on social responsibility, and our continued growth in the safety industry. 

Also new with our rebrand is the addition of our Power Brands. We believe that by marketing our services under four powerful brands with a long history of success we will have even greater marketplace impact. As a result, we will be able to provide even more value to our customers. Our four Power Brands focus on ground level safety solutions.

  • Notrax® Mats For Professional Use offers a range of ergonomic, entrance, anti-fatigue, and safety mats for industrial, commercial and food service environments. Notrax is one of the largest integrated manufacturers of floor matting products in the world.
  • TuffTrak® Ground Protection Solutions boasts a range of light, medium and heavy-duty outdoor ground and turf protection products, such as temporary access roadways, platforms, and flooring for special events.
  • Monster® Motion Safety deals with products for “motion related” activities, such as vehicular and pedestrian traffic safety with the original range of wheel chocks, warning whips, beacon lights, and parking stops.
  • Linebacker® Cable Management focuses on cable management systems, cable ramps, and hose bridges. Cable management systems are used in a multitude of industries to prevent damage to cables and hoses as well as to protect pedestrians and vehicles from being exposed to the cables.

To read more about the rebrand, click here for the full press release. The press release can be found in PDF format here.

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Checkers Safety Group | Cine Gear 2016

Checkers Safety Group will be exhibiting at Cine Gear 2016 from June 2nd to the 5th, in Los Angeles, CA. Cine Gear is the premier annual trade show for professionals in the technology, entertainment and media industries. Not only a trade show, Cine Gear features film series competition screenings, seminars, and master classes, making it a crucial destination all things entertainment. Checkers has become a staple at Cine Gear, displaying our signature cable protectors, including the Yellowjacket for nineteen years running.

New this year, we will be displaying our innovative Firefly Illuminated Cable Protector. This product is designed for the entertainment industry and features flashing LEDs molded into the sturdy, polyurethane construction to eliminate the tripping hazards in darkened backstage areas. To get a look at these exciting cable protectors, stop by booth #19.

To learn more about the Firefly, click here.

Questions about our products? Contact us:The Firefly will be displayed at Cine Gear 2016