Gaffer Tape vs. Cable Protectors

Gaffer Tape vs. Cable Protectors

Chose cable protectors over gaffer tape to save money in the long runWhen it comes to protecting cables at entertainment venues, operations managers have a lot of options to choose from. At Checkers, we pride ourselves on manufacturing our Linebacker line of cable protectors from top of the line polyurethane. This ensures our products will be durable and long lasting, giving them an advantage over some temporary solutions. One of these which is popular in the entertainment industry is gaffer tape. Some of the advantages that gaffer tape offers are its low cost and quick installation. Indeed, you can buy a 50-yard roll of gaffer tape for around $10, which puts the price per foot around 7 cents. Let’s examine a hypothetical scenario:

Being based in Colorado, everyone knows that Red Rocks Amphitheater is the best place for live entertainment during the spring and summer months. Typically, they will average over 100 shows per season. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll round that number to 100 even. Let’s also say, hypothetically, that Red Rocks has a cable run which is 100 feet long and includes five different AV cables. In scenario one, the venue manager will choose to use gaffer tape. In scenario two, the venue manager will opt for Linebacker Yellow Jacket Series Cable Protectors.

  • Scenario 1
  • Price per foot
  • Price per show (100 ft. of five cables)
  • Price per season (100 shows)
  • Price over 10 seasons
  • Scenario 1
  • $0.07
  • $35.00
  • $3,500
  • $35,000
  • Scenario 2
  • $85.00
  • $8,500
  • $8,500
  • $8,500

This table highlights the biggest advantage of the Yellow Jacket Series Cable Protector: its durability. In the entertainment industry, where the primary source of traffic is pedestrian and light vehicles, a Yellow Jacket can see a lifespan in excess of 10 years. They are an investment, but an investment that will pay for itself over time. Not to mention the fact that a standard Yellow Jacket can protect up to five cables. Covering five different cables with gaffer’s tape quintuples the price; five cables can be covered by one run of Yellow Jackets.

The aspect that the table doesn’t speak to is the added protection value that you get from a Yellow Jacket. Gaffer tape may eliminate trip hazards, but it does little to nothing to protect the actual cables themselves. Yellow Jackets do both extremely well. The durable polyurethane construction ensures that you won’t incur additional costs replacement expensive AV cables, while also protecting performers, employees, and guests from trip hazards.

For more information about Yellow Jackets, click here. To view the brochure, click here.

Top Five Benefits of Rubber Parking Stops

Our Monster rubber parking stops are designed to protect parking structures, vehicles, and pedestrians. They are manufactured from premium, recycled rubber. Rubber parking stop benefits are plentiful, especially compared with concrete options. Take a look at the top five benefits of rubber parking stops below:


We manufacture our rubber products from recycled rubber5. Environmentally Friendly

Our parking stops are manufactured from recycled rubber from a variety of sources. When it reaches us, it’s already ground down into its raw form, and we mold it into our Monster parking stops, as well as several other rubber parking lot solutions. We recycle an average of 1 million pounds of rubber each month, which is approximately equal to 45,500 passenger vehicle tires. If you’re like us, and you believe in protecting the environment, purchasing recycled rubber products such as our parking stop is a great way to affirm that commitment.


Our parking curbs are flexible and durable4. Flexibility

In the perfect world, all parking lots would be perfectly smooth and flat. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world and often bumps, cracks, and other damage can create uneven surfaces. The great thing about our rubber parking stops is that their flexible rubber construction allows them to contour to the surface on which they are placed. If you are mounting them on a surface that isn’t perfectly level, there is no need to worry, they will still serve their purpose and look great doing it. While concrete parking stops may be less expensive, they are also rigid and have no flex to them, which makes them more difficult to mount and more susceptible to damage.


Many colors are available for our parking stops3. Aesthetically pleasing

If you opt for concrete parking stops, the only way to inject any sort of color is to paint them. Not only is this a time-consuming and messy process, but you also need to worry about the paint fading, and matching paint colors if you add more parking stops in the future. Monster parking stops are made with colored rubber, ensuring that they will never fade, and will always make your property look its best. They are currently available in black, blue, and terracotta, with white or yellow tape available.


Quick and easy installation is a key benefit of our parking curbs2. Easy to Install

Our largest parking stop measures six feet in length and weighs a mere 34 lbs. Compared to concrete parking stops, which can weigh hundreds of pounds, our products are easy to position and install, even with just one person. This greatly reduces installation costs, as additional equipment is not necessary, and work crews can be much smaller while still accomplishing the same goal. The portability of our parking stops makes them great for temporary applications as well since they can be quickly deployed and collected after they are no longer necessary.


Rubber parking stop benefits include excellent durability1. Durability

While concrete parking stops have a tendency to chip and crack, our rubber products will not. Additionally, all of our rubber parking stops feature reflective tape that is actually molded into the product. This prevents the reflective tape from peeling or falling off, a problem seen in some bottom-line driven products. Rubber parking stop benefits also include a resistance to temperature and weather changes that isn’t seen in concrete competitors. Similar to concrete roads, moisture can penetrate into cracks in imperfections in the concrete, and then when temperatures drop below freezing, the water expands and causes further damage to the product. This is avoided when you choose a premium rubber solution, such as a Monster parking stop, as they are great for any climate or weather.


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Monster Sequential Barricade Lights Crush the Competition

Monster Sequential Barricade Lights Crush the Competition

Finding the best of anything can be a long and arduous process, full of research and study. Fortunately, sequential lights are a fairly new technology so the market is unsaturated and easy to sort through. Finding the best sequential barricade lights doesn’t need to be a difficult process because we are here to help, with the handy chart seen below, comparing Monster sequential warning signals to two other competitors:

  • Flash Patterns
  • Number of Patterns
  • Battery Life
  • Max Distance
  • Sixty pulses per minute
  • Five
  • 5 months
  • 100 meters
  • Sixty pulses per minute
  • One
  • 2.5 months
  • 2 meters
  • Sixty pulses per minute
  • One
  • 24 hours
  • 10 meters

Flash Rate

The flash rate is a fairly even playing field. All sequential lights on the market have the capability to emit sixty flashes per minute or one flash per second. This is important as it allows the lights to display the sequential, “guiding,” pattern that makes them unique traffic control solutions.

Number of Patterns

Monster sequential lights are the clear winner in this category, offering five distinct patterns for different applications. Faster patterns can be used to create a “Funnel Effect,” as seen in this video. Slower patterns, on the other hand, are great for indicating lane closures and road work.

Battery Life

Another great category for Monster sequential warning signals. Our signals are built with patented radio mesh networks, as opposed to our competitors who use infrared technology to link their devices. Extended battery life is just one of the advantages that this innovative technology offers.

Maximum Distance Between Lights

Monster sequential signals function properly with up to 100 meters between units, another advantage of our patented radio technology. This allows you to spread your lights out over a wider area, a long stretch of construction, for example. Therefore, the practical advantage is that you need fewer lights to cover a construction zone. This, of course, saves you money and setup time.

With the numerous advantages that Monster sequential barricade lights provide, it’s easy to see why they are the industry leader and the best sequential barricade lights on the market. To read more and get a quote for these fantastic products, click here. To download the brochure, click here.

Five Reasons Sequential Barricade Lights Will Blow Your Mind

Our new sequential barricade lights feature many exclusive benefits due to their innovative radio linking technology. The sequential barricade light represents a large step forward for safety in traffic checkpoint and road work applications. Here’s why:

5. Different frequencies, different patterns

If you need to run multiple patterns in multiple strings, fear not; sequential barricade lights can operate on different frequencies. This prevents the radio signals from interfering with each other and allows multiple strings of lights to be active and displaying different flash patterns in the same physical area. This is a benefit in situations such as DUI checkpoints where directing traffic into funnels is key. More on that in Benefit No. 2.

4. Remote control capabilities are integrated into sequential warning lights

Remotely control your sequential traffic signals for optimal safetyMonster sequential barricade lights come with a remote control capable of switching flash patterns, powering the lights on and off, and momentarily inhibiting flash, etc. The beauty of this remote control is that you can change the pattern for an entire string of lights with a single button press. Thanks to the innovative radio technology found in each sequential lamp, a command given to one lamp (either via the remote or the interface on the light itself) will transmit down the string and all subsequent lights will follow suit. This means that there is no reason for employees to expose themselves to potential traffic accidents by walking down the string of lights to change the settings of each individual light.

3. Sequential signals provide longer battery lifeMonster sequential warning lights have great battery life

The radio technology doesn’t only allow for mass settings changes; it also increases the battery life of sequential barricade lights. The lights will activate for 1 millisecond out of every second, a duty cycle of 0.1 percent. The LEDs light for 40 to 100 milliseconds, depending on the flash pattern. Even when the device is on, it goes into a “deep sleep” mode, which doesn’t consume any power. The sequential barricade light boasts a battery life up to 9 months on 4 D-cell alkaline batteries thanks to this innovative technology. 

Create a traffic funnel with Monster sequential barricade lights

Diagram of the “Funnel Effect”

2. Create a “Funnel Effect” with sequential traffic signals

With sequential barricade lights, you can create a “funnel” to direct traffic. This effect is possible because of the unique way the flash patterns are programmed. Because of the 1/10th of a second delay between each flash, the eleventh lamp in the string will flash at the same time as the first lamp. To create a funnel, one simply needs to place lamps one through ten on one side of the lane, and lamps eleven through twenty on the other side. They will flash in perfect unison thanks to the hyper-accurate radio technology each barricade light is built with.

1. Sequential barricade lights indicate direction

Traditional barricade lights flash, and not much else. Sequential lights are a step above, as they flash in a pre-programmed pattern to indicate a direction, much like airport runway lights. This is important for indicating lane closures and mergers. Studies have indicated that sequential lights are the most effective solution to communicate such traffic patterns to drivers.

Sequential lights are also frequently used to indicate sharp turns, especially in high-speed areas. These areas can be especially dangerous at night when visibility is reduced, and sequential lights help drivers see the direction of the turn sooner. This, in turn, helps them to adjust their speed accordingly.

You’ll be surprised by how affordable Monster sequential barricade lights are. Click here to see more details.

Click here for the full sequential barricade light brochure.


Stop Changing Barricade Light Batteries So Often

Radio technology optimizes power usage to extend barricade light battery life

Optimize sequential barricade light battery life with proper usage

Image courtesy of University of Missouri Report #TPF-5(081) & DOT Contract #12064

Monster sequential barricade lights are not only a breakthrough in terms of providing safer indication of road hazards, they are also a revelation in terms of extending barricade light battery life. The secret is within the barricade light’s revolutionary radio technology, which will activate for 1 millisecond every second. This is a duty cycle of 0.1 percent. Depending on the selected flash pattern, the LED is lit for 40 to 100 milliseconds. This means that even when the device is turned on, most of the time it is in a “deep sleep,” and is not consuming any power. These innovations allow sequential barricade light battery life to extend to 9 months off of 4 D-cell alkaline batteries, a full month more than our premium, traditional barricade lights.

Sequential warning lights are more effective at communicating directionality

Sequential barricade light with great battery lifeSafe and effective traffic control is vital for the safety of the traveling public as well as to protect construction, maintenance, and utility workers executing road maintenance or repairs. Barrier lighting can be used as part of the warning light traffic control zone measures in traffic transition areas and termination areas to alert drivers to provide adequate warning, delineation, and channelization. When harsh weather conditions can affect driver visibility, the sequential lights are designed to be placed at standard intervals to be able to maintain adequate sight distance for driver recognition and reaction, even on straight highway sections.

The new Monster Safety sequential warning lights are a revolutionary solution for the road construction and traffic safety industries. These innovative signals are designed to flash in a pattern indicating directionality, which makes them much more effective at communicating lane mergers and hazards in the road.  The directional indication communicates a clearer message to the driver and creates a reasonable expectation for the driver to comply to.

Barrier lights are manufactured from hardwearing materials to withstand harsh conditions

Like all of our signals, sequential barricade lights are manufactured in close partnership with industry experts from the traffic safety and road construction industries. All Monster Safety warning lights are manufactured with high-quality materials in the United States, ensuring that they can stand up to the harsh conditions seen in road construction and traffic safety.  This ensures that these products are optimized for great performance in the field. They have been tested and studied extensively and the results have indicated that sequential lights are the superior choice for road signals. Click here to read about these studies in more detail.

Monster Safety sequential warning lights increase traffic safety while reducing deployment and maintenance time. We all know that road construction projects can be long term commitments, and with the longer lasting battery life of our sequential barricade lights, you’ll save time and money by avoiding frequent battery replacements.

Click here to learn more about Monster sequential barricade lights.

Road construction made safe with sequential barricade lights

Checkers’ Haiti Mission 2017

Our annual Haiti mission is approaching once again

Checkers' Haiti Mission in partnership with COCINAEvery year, Checkers partners with COCINA, the Coalition of Children in Need Association, for a Haiti mission to send a team of Checkers employees for a week of volunteering. This amazing opportunity allows the Checkers team to expand our perspectives while honoring our core values and reaffirming our commitment to the global community. However, we can’t do it alone. We are currently accepting donations for this wonderful cause, and we hope you will consider giving.

The trips in the past two years have been deeply fulfilling experiences and we expect this year to be no different. The volunteering team will consist of employees from all levels of the company and will engage in a variety of outreach efforts to help Institute Univers, a Haitian school in Ouanaminthe, and the local community. Included in these efforts will be the assembly and distribution of water filtration systems, the construction of a wall around the school (for the security and safety of the students), repainting areas of the school, and teaching basic English lessons to the students.

Honoring our core values

Checkers is committed to a set of values, including people, integrity, learning, laughter, accountability, respect, and safety. We honor the values of people, learning, and laughter with our mission trip. Hoping that our team learns as much from the wonderful Haitian children as they learn from us, and by laughing with them, it will help us all grow as people. And of course, we hope that bonds grow between the team, leading to a better understanding of each other outside of our roles within the company.

Dedicated to the global community

We here at Checkers believe that our community is global in scope, a belief that has only been cemented by our transformation from the United States-focused Checkers Industrial Safety Products to the globally-focused Checkers Safety Group. It is important now more than ever to remember our place within the greater global community and today, we’d like to invite you to start your week on a positive note: by donating to our volunteer efforts and helping those in need. We are raising money to help Insitute Univers and the Ounaminthe community and we need all the help we can get. The water pump we distribute costs $32 per unit and can last 10 years. For $32 you could change a Haitian family’s life.

Sequential Barricade Lights: Saving Lives and Money

Monster Sequential Barricade LightOur new sequential barricade lights, powered by pi-Lit, represent a large step forward for the traffic and road construction safety industries. These high-quality warning lights are designed to flash in one of their several pre-programed patterns. They are formulated to better warn drivers about impending road hazards. Where the traditional barricade light functions as a good “heads up” warning, a sequential barricade light can actually indicate directionality. This is crucial when lane closures and re-routing traffic is involved.

Sequential barricade lights improve speed limit compliance

However, the important questions still remains: does it actually work? According to the University of Missouri-Columbia, it does. In 2011, the University conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of sequential barricade lights. Among other factors, the research team measured speed limit compliance when sequential lights were present. The study found that compliance rose from 71.4% with no lights present, to 78.1% when sequential lights were in place. This was especially true, the researchers noted, in urban environments, where the compliance rose from 78.4% to 88.8%. While compliance rose in rural environments as well, it was not nearly as substantial.

Traffic merges sooner when sequential barricade lights are in place

The team also discovered that when sequential signals were in place, traffic merged much sooner than when the lights were absent. This was especially true in the case of large trucks. The study indicated that all vehicles merged an average of 20 feet sooner when sequential lights were present, and truck drivers merged 49 feet sooner. This data point speaks to the sequential barricade light’s superior ability to indicate directionality, which is important to merging lanes successfully. The team also discovered that when sequential signals were in place, traffic merged much sooner than when the lights were absent. This was especially true in the case of large trucks. The study indicated that all vehicles merged an average of 20 feet sooner when sequential lights were present, and truck drivers merged 49 feet sooner. This data point speaks to the sequential barricade light’s superior ability to indicate directionality, which is important to merging lanes successfully.

Sequential barricade lights create tangible savings

In this specific study, the researchers concluded that the total benefits of using sequential warning signals came to $3.65 million. The total cost fell somewhere between $341,580 and $705,008 (depending on labor costs). These figures place the ratio somewhere between 5:1 and 10:1. The data is clear: not only does sequential technology improve safety conditions for drivers and employees, but it also has a huge impact on the bottom line. To read the full study, click here.

Sequential barricade lights in use on a road construction site


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Checkers Safety Group | ATSSA Traffic Expo 2017

Checkers Safety Group will be exhibiting at this year’s anCheckers exhibiting at ATSSA Traffic Expo 2017nual ATSSA Traffic Expo from February 10th – 14th in Phoenix, AZ. ATSSA is the premier road safety event in America. It’s always a great opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the traffic safety industry. You can find us at booth #312, where we’ll be displaying our newest product, the sequential barricade light.

Monster sequential barricade lights on display

This exciting product is the result of our recent partnership with Pi Variables, and we can’t wait for you all to see it. These innovative barricade lights utilize a radio frequency to communicate with one another, allowing them to guide traffic more effectively than conventional barricade lights. To learn more about these great sequential lights, and our new partnership with Pi Variables, click here.Monster sequential barricade light

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Checkers Partners with Pi Variables!

We are excited to announce a new partnership, with Pi Variables! Established in 2012, Pi Variables Inc. has become an industry leader in the manufacturing of high quality, remote controlled sequential lighting products for traffic safety applications. A family-owned and operated business, Pi Variables has grown into a giant within the traffic safety market, offering reliability and features unavailable from the competition. As a pioneer in sequential LED lights, Pi Variables, Inc. holds operations in the United States and sells sequential technology globally under its Pi-Lit® brand name.

“Pi-Lit® is looking forward to the future and what the partnership with Checkers Safety Group will bring. Until now we have been limited in our ability to sell and spread the word of our ground-breaking technology. With the help of Checkers’ sales team and global distribution network, we will be able to reach and expand into markets not previously possible,” said Daniel Selevan, Vice President of Pi Variables, Inc. “We are excited to be a part of Checkers’ Monster Motion Safety brand family.”

Checkers is committed to growth while providing the best safety solutions to customers. This partnership brings the Pi-Lit® Sequential Barricade Light, the Pi-Lit® “Ice Cream Sandwich” Sequential LED Road Flares, and the Pi-Lit® “Sunflower” Sequential Cone-Top Warning Lamp into the Checkers family. These premium products will fall under Checkers’ Monster Motion Safety brand and complement the growing Traffic & Parking Lot safety line of products. The combined product offering now includes sequential, battery operated, and solar powered light options.

“We are really excited to partner with Jim Selevan and Pi-Lit®. The sequential Pi-Lit® technology further enhances our barricade light product offering and provides a new innovative feature to our Monster Motion series products. The sequential barricade light, the Pi-Lit® Cone Top (Sunflower) light and the Sequential flares offer unique features that most competitive brands do not possess,” commented Steve Gottlieb, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Pi Variables, Inc. will continue operations out of their facilities in California under the guidance of Jim Selevan, President.

See our full line of Pi-Lit products here.

To read the full press release, click here. To download a digital version, click here.

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Our Blog Recognized!

It’s always exciting to receive opportunities to spread our message of safety, and our friends at 2wayRadionline have given us this Checkers blog recognized as a top health and safety blogopportunity by recognizing this blog on their list of the Top 72 Health and Safety Blogs! 2wayRadionline, based in the UK, is a leading retailer of two-way radios and radio accessories. As our Monster Motion Safety team reminded us last week in this blog post, communication is critical to occupational safety, and two-way radios are an integral part of that communication.

Proud to be a thought leader

For our part, we are proud to have our blog recognized as a leading voice in the safety industry, and we look forward to continuing to serve a wide variety of industries with innovative, cutting edge safety solutions. When NoTrax joined the Checkers family last year, it allowed us to expand outside the industrial space where we have traditionally operated, to serve a more diverse range of industries, including janitorial & sanitation, and hospitality, a far cry from the mining industry where Checkers was born.

Great content from our brand blogs

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind loyal readers of the Checkers Blog to check out the web sites and blogs for our brands, NoTrax, TuffTrak, Monster, and Linebacker. Since we now offer such a broad spectrum of safety solutions, each site and blog speaks to different industries and products. Mining news and updates will be found on the Monster site, while NoTrax will feature stories that relate more to janitorial & sanitation, as well as the other many industries where our mats for professional use are utilized.

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