Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut without Ground Protection Matting 

When working on outdoor projects, it’s important to consider ground protection. Landscape damaged by heavy equipment can be expensive to repair. Plus, uneven or muddy ground at job sites may cause project delays or stoppage. But what should you use to protect soft or sensitive ground conditions? 

Wise contractors know plywood isn’t the right choice. There are several reasons why plywood isn’t suitable for ground protection. It’s very porous, which causes it to absorb water and makes the  wood  heavy and weak. It also absorbs and leeches oils, fluids and chemicals. Exposure to weather often accelerates the speed at which plywood rots or cracks, meaning it frequently needs to be replaced.  

While it may seem like a cheap ground protection solution, plywood’s short life cycle means it’s more expensive over time. The approximate cost of replacing 12 sheets of plywood, four times a year, is more than $2,000 annually. 

Contractors across the country know Checkers Safety’s line of ground protection matting is the best option. These high-density polyethylene mats can be used and reused in the harshest conditions. They are ideal to create temporary roadways when working over delicate ground.  

Benefits of Checkers Ground Protection  

  • Durable and long lasting 
  • Easy to handle 
  • Molds to sloping ground conditions 
  • Can be locked into place using single or double Turn-A-Links 
  • Have high load capacity 
  • Non-slip surface

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Why Use AlturnaMATS® for Ground Protection Matting 

When it rains all day, work stalls for outdoor projects. But what happens the day after a downpour? Don’t let the muddy, unstable ground cause additional delays – use Checkers™ AlturnaMATS® Ground Protection Mats instead.  

AlturnaMATS are designed specifically to protect sensitive ground conditions in the construction, civil engineering, utilities, landscaping and groundwork anevents industries, among others. Engineered to be durable and strong, AlturnaMATS help prevent heavy equipment from getting stuck or causing rutsThe flexible design of the AlturnaMATS allows it to easily contour to different ground conditions, while weight displacement ensures maximum turf and grass protection.

AlturnaMATS feature the most aggressive diamond plate tread design for vehicle traction. Constructed of a specific blend of high-density polyethylene, AlturnaMATS boast an industry-leading load capacity of up to 120 tons and are virtually indestructible.  

Available in black or clear, AlturnaMATS can be deployed by hand and maneuvered without any special equipment. Connect AlturnaMATS together using Turn-A-Link connectors to create a secure trackway or work pad.  

All Checkers Safety AlturnaMATS ground protection mats are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Learn more about our AlturnaMATS here ground protection matting







Fatalities in the Construction Industry: A Timeline

Construction safety products from Checkers IndustrialThe history of construction safety may not get much coverage in the textbooks, but for those of us in the safety business, this specialized historical subset is both intriguing and pertinent. The law firm of DiMarco, Aruajo, and Montevideo recently put out this extremely informative timeline of fatality rates throughout the history of construction, appropriately titled “The Human Cost of Construction.” The timeline starts with the construction of the Erie Canal in 1825, which took the lives of 1,000 out of 50,000 workers, a rate of 20 deaths per thousand workers. While the timeline includes international construction projects, it is interesting to track the progress of safety in the United States, from the Erie Canal all the way up to the CityCenter in Las Vegas, constructed in 2009. While the CityCenter project was given a death rate of just .75 deaths per thousand workers, the timeline states “…six workers died over the course of construction, two from falling and four from being struck or crushed by objects, causing workers to refer to the project as “CityCemetery” and strike briefly in 2008 due to poor safety conditions.”

This strike may not seem shocking to the modern reader but take a look back on the timeline, to the construction of the World Trade Center only 39 years earlier. Sixty deaths, and a death rate of 17.4 per thousand workers. The death rate during the construction of the World Trade Center was over 22 times greater than “CityCemetery” and yet, no mention of any strikes or protests. This interesting fact goes to show how far safety practices have come in a relatively short time. There is very little difference in the death rates of the construction of the Erie Canal and the World Trade Center, despite the two events being separated by 145 years. Yet in the short span of 39 years, our perception of construction safety has undergone a paradigm shift, to the point where a death rate of .75 per thousand workers is unacceptable. As well it should be.

At Checkers, we are doing our part to bring that .75 per thousand down to zero. Our diverse lines of high-quality products have many applications throughout the construction industry, including our industrial signals, cable protectors, and ground protection mats.

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2014 Mine Safety – Accident Prevention

Every year, mining continues to rank among the most dangerous occupations in the world. There are countless hazards employees face each and every day to perform their tasks. One of the biggest dangers is the machinery in which these employees work on and around. Mining equipment is incredibly large, heavy and can move at fast speeds. With a mixture of many sites of autonomous and man-operated machines, it can put the workers on site in great danger of being crushed, pinned or run over by equipment. All of these accidents can be prevented with training and health and safety awareness along with the use of proper safety equipment to ensure accidents do not continue to happen during daily duties and routine maintenance of trucks.

The Department of Labor recently released the Third Quarter Summary of 2014 Fatal Accidents at Metal/Nonmetal Mines with Preventative Recommendations” report.  This states there were 8 devastating deaths that occurred during the 3rd quarter of 2014. Two of these tragic deaths could have been prevented with the use of wheel chocks, preventing machinery from moving uncontrollably.  Another death occurred while working under a vehicle that was not cribbed properly, tragically taking a life.

These deaths really hit home with the Checkers team, as our goal is to keep employees safe by providing safety equipment that saves lives and protects assets. Below are some of the safety products we offer that serve the mining industry and continue to eliminate safety hazards like these on the job site.

Checkers All-Purpose Whip Testing

Here at Checkers, all of our warning whips undergo rigorous whip testing to ensure that only the best products reach the market we serve. For this reason, we did some in-house testing on our All-Purpose Waterproof Warning Whip. Our team of engineers set up a controlled environment in order to conduct Impact Testing at 20 mph on a steel surface & Immersion Testing to simulate rain and other similar weather conditions. Below is the video that we shot so that you can see for yourself the strength and resilience of Checkers’ new All-Purpose Waterproof Warning Whip. The video also highlights the key features of the All-Purpose whip. Enjoy!

To learn more about the Checkers All Purpose Whips, click here.

Safely Enjoy the Great Outdoors Quality Products for Spring from Checkers Industrial

Checkers Industrial Safety Products is taking a proactive role in encouraging people to plan ahead to reduce safety risks with safety products for spring activities. Injuries and accidental deaths occur much more frequently as outdoor activities increase so being prepared can make a big difference in enjoying the springtime while reducing hazards.

“Everyone looks forward to this time of year, especially after the long winter we experienced in most of the country,” said Ray Torres, President, and CEO of Checkers. He went on to say, “As families start planning their spring activities, we hope to see them include safety as a top priority on their checklist. At Checkers, we take safety very seriously, and we are pleased to offer such a wide variety of products that bring an added measure of safety and peace of mind to individuals and families.”

When you are using a truck or SUV by itself or pulling something behind it, Checkers suggests having a set of wheel chocks to secure your vehicle when it is parked. Brake failure can quickly create a very dangerous situation. Torres stated, “Placing a set of our Value-Check Rubber Wheel Chocks against the tires will help stabilize your vehicle and keep you and those around you safe. The compact size of these durable chocks makes them very easy to handle and store.”

For many people, warmer weather means venturing off-road into areas that test their trucks and SUVs. Night driving also increases considerably this time of year, and insurance studies show drivers are three times more likely to be involved in an accident at night. “Whether you are parked along the roadside at night or stranded in a rugged area, a Value-Check LED Beacon is a great way to increase your visibility far beyond the light created by blinking tail lights,” said Ray Torres. These beacons are built with 26 LED bulbs to increase visibility and they easily attach to your vehicle with their powerful magnetic base.

With technology use on the rise, homes and garages have more cords and cables crossing their floors than ever before. With this trend, injuries from trips and falls are growing by disturbing numbers. According to Checkers, one of the easiest ways to prevent cables and cords from becoming trip hazards is to use Value-Check Rubber Cable Protectors. “These cable protectors help eliminate trip hazards while they protect cables and cords from damage,” said Torres. “Whether the use is temporary or permanent, using cable protectors will extend the life of your cables and reduce the risk of a trip and fall accident.”

Workplace Safety Wheel Chocks

Whether you have a mining business, a construction company, or other industrial business, you’re probably familiar with workplace wheel chocks and the importance of having them on site. Wheel chocks are designed to prevent stationary vehicles from shifting or moving when they are not in use. They also help prevent accidents on site and help with employee safety.

Proper Use
Wheel chocks must be secured properly to keep trucks and other vehicles from moving, especially on a grade. For vehicles that sit on level ground, the chocks should be placed on both sides of tires. For downhill grades, chocks should be placed on the front sides of the tires and for uphill grades; chocks should be placed outside of the rear wheels.

Types of Wheel Chocks

Checkers provides a variety of wheel chocks for different industries, which include:

Heavy Duty wheel chocks are designed for heavy equipment, haul trucks, cranes, loaders, underground mining vehicles, fire engines as well as large military tactical vehicles. These chocks are durable and lightweight due to their innovative urethane construction.

General Purpose wheel chocks are ideal for over the road trucks, trailers, utility vehicles and pick-ups. They come in a variety of sizes, but they are all industrial grade.

Our aviation wheel chocks won’t splinter or crack, eliminate maintenance cost, and are made of durable urethane, which is lightweight and easy to use. We provide chocks for most sizes and styles of aircraft.

Rubber aviation wheel chocks are durable and made of 100% recycled rubber. Additionally, the design allows for the either side of the chock to be placed against the tire and will fit the needs of a variety of aircraft.

Because we own all of our injection molding equipment and have perfected our practices over the years, we can also make custom made workplace wheel chocks made with your company logo and colors.

Keeping the right Checkers wheel chocks on your job sites will help you maintain a safe workplace and give peace of mind to your employees. To view more industrial safety products and find a distributor in your area, visit our wheel chock products section.