Five Reasons Sequential Barricade Lights Will Blow Your Mind

Our new sequential barricade lights feature many exclusive benefits due to their innovative radio linking technology. The sequential barricade light represents a large step forward for safety in traffic checkpoint and road work applications. Here’s why:

5. Different frequencies, different patterns

If you need to run multiple patterns in multiple strings, fear not; sequential barricade lights can operate on different frequencies. This prevents the radio signals from interfering with each other and allows multiple strings of lights to be active and displaying different flash patterns in the same physical area. This is a benefit in situations such as DUI checkpoints where directing traffic into funnels is key. More on that in Benefit No. 2.

4. Remote control capabilities are integrated into sequential warning lights

Remotely control your sequential traffic signals for optimal safetyMonster sequential barricade lights come with a remote control capable of switching flash patterns, powering the lights on and off, and momentarily inhibiting flash, etc. The beauty of this remote control is that you can change the pattern for an entire string of lights with a single button press. Thanks to the innovative radio technology found in each sequential lamp, a command given to one lamp (either via the remote or the interface on the light itself) will transmit down the string and all subsequent lights will follow suit. This means that there is no reason for employees to expose themselves to potential traffic accidents by walking down the string of lights to change the settings of each individual light.

3. Sequential signals provide longer battery lifeMonster sequential warning lights have great battery life

The radio technology doesn’t only allow for mass settings changes; it also increases the battery life of sequential barricade lights. The lights will activate for 1 millisecond out of every second, a duty cycle of 0.1 percent. The LEDs light for 40 to 100 milliseconds, depending on the flash pattern. Even when the device is on, it goes into a “deep sleep” mode, which doesn’t consume any power. The sequential barricade light boasts a battery life up to 9 months on 4 D-cell alkaline batteries thanks to this innovative technology. 

Create a traffic funnel with Monster sequential barricade lights

Diagram of the “Funnel Effect”

2. Create a “Funnel Effect” with sequential traffic signals

With sequential barricade lights, you can create a “funnel” to direct traffic. This effect is possible because of the unique way the flash patterns are programmed. Because of the 1/10th of a second delay between each flash, the eleventh lamp in the string will flash at the same time as the first lamp. To create a funnel, one simply needs to place lamps one through ten on one side of the lane, and lamps eleven through twenty on the other side. They will flash in perfect unison thanks to the hyper-accurate radio technology each barricade light is built with.

1. Sequential barricade lights indicate direction

Traditional barricade lights flash, and not much else. Sequential lights are a step above, as they flash in a pre-programmed pattern to indicate a direction, much like airport runway lights. This is important for indicating lane closures and mergers. Studies have indicated that sequential lights are the most effective solution to communicate such traffic patterns to drivers.

Sequential lights are also frequently used to indicate sharp turns, especially in high-speed areas. These areas can be especially dangerous at night when visibility is reduced, and sequential lights help drivers see the direction of the turn sooner. This, in turn, helps them to adjust their speed accordingly.

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