Vision, Mission, and Core Competencies

Our Vision:

A dynamic, global team dedicated to protecting people, assets, and the environment.

Our Mission:

To provide revolutionary product designs and visionary safety solutions that protect people, assets, and the environment. We are committed to operating transparently, being a responsible community leader, and ensuring growth opportunities for our employees.

Our Core Competencies:

These are the core competencies that we as a business strive to achieve in daily business practices.

  1. We Listen – Recognizing our role as trusted advisors, we take the times to listen and respond to our customers.
  2. We Excel – We manufacture reliable, robust safety solutions every time for every customer, on time, and at an outstanding value.
  3. We Innovate – Revolutionary product designs and technologies are fundamental to our continuous development.
  4. We Partner – Our carefully selected global partners expand our reach, improve our supply chain and better service customers worldwide.
  5. We Grow – Through our focus on growth and education, each individuals talents, thoughts, and contributions are recognized.
  6. We Build – Decisive integration of new brands continuously evolves our products and solutions.


These are the principals and core values that Checkers Safety Group and its employees value while conducting business.

P – People     I – Integrity     L – Learning     L – Laughter     A – Accountable     R – Respect     S – Safety